Here are some candid videos of life in our backyard right now. Note the way humans, animals, and junk all exist together in harmony.


And here’s a good clip of Sammy enjoying a book:

We have been spending a lot of time in the yard this month as Charlie has been having fun building this:IMG_0866

for these guys: IMG_0889

I can hardly believe my life right now.  Never would I have expected to own chickens or that Charlie would find a hobby in them.  He loves taking care of them and planning their palace.  He put the roof on yesterday but it’s snowing outside right now so I’m not going to go outside to take a picture of it.  :)  Look for an update on a later post.

The boys have found many things to do out in the yard, and this weekend they played dress-up!  Here’s dress-up for boys:

Eli is Thor, I’m not sure about Sammy, and Abraham is Captain America!IMG_0907

Adorable-ness. IMG_0914

I have the best time paying dress-up with my baby doll!IMG_2071

The kids have been keeping things fun around here!  The weather has warmed up some (today excluded) and we have really enjoyed being outside.  Here’s a cute picture of Felicity and I last week–loving the sunshine and watching the boys play at the park.  Aren’t we adorable??? IMG_1925

I spontaneously purchased a tutu on clearance, then had buyer’s remorse until I realized we have an adorable flower headband that matches perfectly!  We will have to take some spring photos of the princess (with a shirt) in this get-up. IMG_1933

Eli always keeps us laughing!  This is his alter ego, Mr. Willy Bottoms.IMG_1954

Other times, he sits quietly drawing.  IMG_1969

Sammy decorated some balloons.  Can you guess who they are?  (answer: Charlie and me)IMG_0795

Felicity likes to suck on her big toe when she’s getting a diaper change.IMG_1982

We have been blessed with our little girl for 7 months now!  We all love her so much.IMG_1997

She and Abraham are becoming really good friends.  Abraham said they were “tent buddies” here. IMG_2001

Big news!  Felicity has two teeth!! She’s so proud. IMG_2011


**Having four kids is incredibly busy and some days are really difficult and I barely make it till bedtime.  I wouldn’t change it for the world but it’s hard.  I  just wanted to say that because we don’t take pictures during those times and I don’t want to misrepresent our lives as if we’ve got it all together.  

It was a beautiful weekend!  We played outside as much as possible after all the snow, and looking forward to another cold spell this week.  It felt so nice to be in the warm sun watching our kids play together.

Eli and Abraham enjoying leftover valentine’s suckers up in the tree house.  They really liked the color of the sky, and requested a picture of it. IMG_1895

Felicity sat in the window sill to watch her brothers, and the shadows.  She loved it!IMG_1909 

While I wasn’t looking, Sammy has grown!  I feel like he looks like a big kid in this picture! IMG_1910

A picture from before church to end the post.  Eli coordinated his camouflage outfit and Abraham is wearing an “America outfit” (he calls his socks “america socks”).  You can’t tell here but Felicity is wearing monogramed bloomers!IMG_1888

Here are a few random pictures from the past week!  Hope you enjoy them!

Captain America, ready to save the day! IMG_1837

What’s wrong with my boots?IMG_1849 

Sitting on her own and all dolled up for church.IMG_1861 

Playing outside in the wonderful weather this week! Our boys look so big!  Well, I guess Felicity does too. :)IMG_1876 

The girls around here!IMG_1877

Well, it’s been over 2 months since we blogged and I think I’m ready to get back into the habit.  It has been really busy around here living life with 4 kids!  We enjoy our family but don’t have a lot of extra time for hobbies.  (big surprise)  Anyway, I hope I can keep this up because I think it’s fun looking back at the blog and seeing how our kids have grown!  On that note, it’s time for some pictures!

Yesterday was very pretty so we decided to head up to the Roanoke Star for a short hike. Very fun!IMG_0420

It’s been very cold so far this year but we haven’t had a lot of snow.  Here are the boys watching it snow one day in January! IMG_1564

Sammy is growing quickly, reads a ton, takes care of his siblings, and we are proud of him as a young man.  Sammy got creative with his Legos a few weeks ago.IMG_1521

Eli is a careful student with good penmanship and has recently started reading!!!  He read this book the other night and was pretty excited about his accomplishment.IMG_1606

Reading it again for Daddy and Felicity the next morning.IMG_1609


Abraham loves to dress up like a superhero.  He has been a little bored when his brothers are in school so he switches costumes to keep himself entertained.  Iron Man in pj’s and then Batman after getting dressed!  I feel very safe with him around.



Felicity started rolling over this past week!!!  IMG_1618

I put my hair in a pony tail for the first time in at least 6 months!  It’s also very rare for Felicity to snuggle against up.  I wanted to document the occasion.IMG_1622

Felicity has developed bad sleeping habits, leaving Charlie and me very tired.  We had to let her cry to sleep last night.  Torture, but she seemed to be okay this morning.IMG_1625

Our baby girl seems to be growing up so fast these days!  She is playing with toys, grabbing her feet and laughing often.  We really enjoy this stage of life!IMG_1627



Abraham and Charlie went on a “dad out” one day, and Abraham wanted to dress like Daddy.  They were very cute together!  IMG_0147

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were the hot items at Eli’s birthday a few weeks ago.  He got this oh-so-cool shirt from my sister Jessica and her husband Jason.  It fits his style very well. IMG_1270

The boys are still really loving on their baby sister!  Eli tends to get right in her face and talk very loudly about how much he likes her.  Abraham sings to Felicity and holds her hand if she’s fussy in the car, and Sammy likes to draw pictures for her.  They’re all very cute with her! IMG_1278

Felicity Rose turned 3 months old this week and celebrated by wearing her first 6-9 month outfit!  (She’s about 15 lbs.) She’s been averaging a weight gain of about a pound every 2 weeks.  Chubby babies are so snuggly!IMG_1296

And Abraham is always keeping us laughing!  When he saw me taking a picture of him, he said he needed to pose.  He’s drilling. :)IMG_1297

Here is Felicity sitting up with a little help from her Boppy pillow!  IMG_1299

The girls being silly.  Well, I’m acting silly anyway. :) IMG_1308


Thanks for keeping up with our family even though our updates have become so infrequent!



Earlier in October (the 12th to be exact), we had two weddings to attend.  Charlie officiated one for a couple at our church here in VA, and my good friend from college, Melissa Casey (now Aguirre), was getting married in Tennessee.  Our solution was for Charlie to keep the boys while the girls went to Melissa’s wedding.  My friend Mary came along with us on the road trip!  We stayed with friends from college and had a great time catching up.  The wedding was really beautiful and very emotional rejoicing with Melissa and Carlos.

I am very thankful for all the people who helped make it possible for me to be at Melissa and Carlos’ big day.  I felt very blessed and had a lot of fun!  (Charlie, Mary, April and Matt, Greg, the Freelands, and many more people from church who watched our kids during the wedding/church Sunday!)

Charlie texted this picture to me Saturday afternoon: IMG_0120

I’ll admit this one made me homesick. IMG_0124

The location of the wedding and reception was amazing! IMG_0126

Felicity partied hard at her first wedding!  (and one day she’ll be a bride!  sniff)IMG_1091

Mary and Lissy IMG_1095


Melissa was beautiful! IMG_1111

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