The boys shoveled at Nana’s house today.  

 Getting started 
   Making progress
 Break for a snowball fight
  The finished product. 

It started snowing hard on Friday.


IMG_2263 For some of the weekend it was too cold to be out for long.  If you look closely you can see four faces in the window.

IMG_2255 Abe spent his time inside lounging by the fire.

IMG_2269 Here’s Rose getting ready to head out and play. She has her Han Solo action figure in her hand.

IMG_2271 They made the most of the newly expanded yard.

IMG_2272 Complete with a highway for matchbox cars.

IMG_2280 And what Eli is calling an “Enchanted snow village”

IMG_2298 Sam built a (smallish) snowman.


Here’s Rose remembering that she lost her Han Solo.


And here are a few pictures from our walk to church this morning. We travel in single file to conceal our numbers…IMG_2288IMG_2292IMG_2296

When I took this picture of me and the boys in the backyard, little did I know that Abe…  

… had a snowball in his hand with my name on it! Notice the snow all over my face, and Abraham has suddenly disappeared. 


It’s snowing a lot here, and it looks like it’s not going to stop for some time. Here are a bunch of pictures (mostly of Rose because that’s evidently all I take anymore) from the last few weeks before the deluge of snow photos. 

Showing off a spare key that matches her shirt. 
Posing in her urban-gypsy-hello-kitty ensemble. 
Posing by the van. 
Watching it start to snow.
Brushing Sam’s hair while he reads. 
Posing in sunglasses. 
Posing in her bathing suit (over clothes).

Suited up in her snow gear. 
And here’s a bonus shot of Abraham and Papaw at Lowes. 

Future models trying on hats:


Here are a few of the many failed attempts to take a decent picture with Nana on Christmas day:


And here’s one from our house:  

Bonus: Rose fell asleep on the floor at church this morning! 

And here are the younger sibling and their Christmas presents:
Eli and his robot (that really shoots!)
Rose and her baby (that really pees!)
And Abe and his recorder (that really plays! Very loudly! Unceasingly! )

Samuel got a real bow and a couple arrows for Christmas this year. Both the videos at the bottom are in slow motion – be sure to watch the second one all the way through until he turns around… 



Since it’s Christmas, here are a few more pictures: 

   Dr. Rose administering a healing kiss. 

 Abe’s “wake up scars”.
   Rose showing off her kitty shirt. 

 And her princess crown. 
   Caught in a moment of glee while playing with the boys in the yard. 

 Sam and Eli with some classmates showing off their advent trees. 

Here are some glimpses of the Evanses over the past few weeks:
  Rosie’s sense of style continues to develop (her friend Nora looks concerned…).
 She also likes helping the Queen cook (note the knife).
  Dad found the perfect Christmas tree again!
 Abe and Rose looking cute together.
  Eli has been working hard in his math skills. Here he is lurking around after successfully counting to 1,000.


 Charlie and Jorge (a friend from church) demonstrating proper execution of “dad-style”.
 The Queen and the princess taking a nap. Boys can be exhausting.


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