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We’ve been doing a lot of working  lately, but also a lot of playing and resting too (although some of us are getting more rest than others). Here are some highlights.

Schoolwork at the table

Working together in the kitchen

Sam and Abe using the whiteboard

Sam and Eli making cookies

Taking a break for some silliness

Rosie with her hammer

Eli and Abe taking out a stump (with a hatchet!)

Making bows and arrows

Taking a break for frozen yogurt

working hard on robots

Abe after falling asleep during family worship (ignore the peeling paint on the wall…)

Rose pretending to be asleep at the dentist office

and actually asleep in the car

 Here are some glimpses of Rosie’s super-fun life right now: 

About to go for a walk with mom, dressed in an outfit of her choosing
  At Lowes, pretending to use the toilet seats hanging on the wall 
Eating smores 
 Holding the sword Nana keeps in her umbrella stand

Here’s the crew about to go trick-or-treat. The ninja, Hawkeye, the clown and the Roman (Sam is into Roman history right now):

  Here’s a close up of Haweye and the clown.
And here’s Hawkeye’s hair the next morning. Ready for church!

We’ve been up to more than yard work this week…   Rosie the clown.
 And Dad the clown too! Plus Hawkeye and the ninja again. 
   The Hawkeye costume is 90% attitude. 
 Princess Elsa making apple scones. 
 And getting her beauty rest (in the most bizarre sleeping posture we’ve ever seen. Honestly, we just found her that way!)

Princess Elsa, Hawkeye and a ninja take the yard. 


Sammy and Rosie’s joint birthday party (turning 9 and 2).


Rosie enjoying a book.

We've been playing at the creek a lot this summer.

We’ve been playing at the creek a lot this summer.


Sammy trying to get wet in some shallow water


Princess Rose enjoying a little music in Dad’s office.


Dad pretending to ride Uncle Jeff’s motorcycle.


Testing out Rosie’s new life jacket. The handle came in handy when her canoe tipped over and dumped her into the river.

Last week, we enjoyed a wonderful time away as a family at the beach!  There was lots of fun, digging in sand, playing in the waves, playing with new friends, scanning the waters for sharks (I was the only one doing that), board games and laughter.

Felicity didn’t really like the sand last year so we were very happy to see she now loves the beach!  She did, however, sometimes get bossy about having her water bucket refilled and would yell, “boys!” to hurry them along on their errand.  We all thought it was adorable.  She didn’t like the water the first few days but actually didn’t mind the waves later in the week.  We had to watch her more closely then!

The boys made new friends and had fun playing with them at the beach.  One dad did some major digging each morning!  He made a moat around a “mountain” of sand, then caught small fish to stock the moat for the kids.  (There were over 10 kids playing together in the water one day!)  Sammy, Eli and Abraham all got pretty good at catching fish in nets as they played in the moat.

Here are a few pictures from the beginning of our week:

Everyone was excited to be on the road!IMG_4552

So in love!IMG_4554

Just doing some digging on our first morning.IMG_4567


Digging again another morning while Rosie filled her watering can and dumped it out.  Repeatedly!IMG_4588

She loved it!IMG_4590


Abe started reading Bob Books recently, and he is so proud!!!


Eli was reading a book yesterday and Felicity came over to listen.  They had a sweet few moments together.


In other news, Felicity really likes to dress up these days!  Here are a few cute moments that we caught on camera.

Wearing Sammy, Eli, and Abraham’s goggles all at once! IMG_4395

Just wearing a life jacket around the house.  For fashion reasons.IMG_4402

She’s singing “Let It Go” in her princess dress and sunglasses (To ask for the glasses, she says “eyes” and point to them when she starts to sing.) IMG_0996

Here she is wearing shorts over her jeans and 3 princess sleepers as capes.IMG_4388

We have been enjoying the mild weather and beautiful flowers that accompany spring in southwestern VA!  The kids get nervous about the bees buzzing around our yard and we’ve battled allergies the last month or so, but we are so thankful for spring!  The return of color, warmth, and longer days have been a welcome change for me after our first winter of homeschooling!

We have spent many hours at parks, gone bike riding several times, enjoyed the breeze on our porch, and done many other fun things in the last several weeks.  I felt very stir crazy by the end of winter with 3 energetic boys and a busy toddling girl.  Their most recent entertainment involved sliding down our staircase in sleeping bags.  I was just waiting for the cry to alert me to injury.  Thankfully, nothing too bad happened.

Can you tell I love spring??

Doing a little school on the porch one morning. IMG_0932

Abraham sweetly kissing Rosie’s boo-boo. IMG_0848

Sammy and Eli building robots with Lego’s. IMG_0949

Easter pic with Nana! IMG_0941

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