Yesterday I went over to the El Ray apartments with some folks from church to a little service project. On the backside of the complex they have a small community room that, until recently, was used to store broken air conditioning units. I was looking for a convenient place to have our English classes and After School Bible Club and this room seemed perfect. I got a key from the manager and we spent a few hours cleaning it out and scrubbing away some of the grime. Here is Pastor Tim working on one of the windows. (click to enlarge)


In fact, so many volunteers came to help I was able to spend some time going door to door and advertising next weeks meetings. I met a lot more non-english speakers who seemed very interested in our class, and quite a few mothers interested in the Bible Club as well.

Here is the community room in all it’s sparkling glory. Lord willing, it will be filled with elementary school children this Tuesday afternoon, and international refugees learning english on Thursday evening.