We had our first After School Bible Club meeting yesterday. I went over a little early so I could make sure everything was set up and relax a little. I tend to get pretty nervous before any first time event like this one, so it was good for me to sit and collect my thoughts.

Mrs. Brokaw and Mrs. Ledbetter (the ladies who would be leading the club) arrived a few minutes after I did and started setting up, so I headed over to the bus stop. I spoke with the half dozen parents waiting there about the Bible Club, and they had all seen the flyers already. A couple of them said their children were coming, and one lady said that she was a Muslim and her kids would not be coming. She did say she and her husband were planning to come to the English Classes however, so we chatted a little about that. It turns out she came to Roanoke as a refugee from Bosnia three years ago and has had a difficult time adjusting. Her english was very good already, so I was a little intimidated that she was planning on coming to class, but who knows what the Lord will do.

When I got back to the community room there were already six kids there. Mrs. Brokaw and Mrs. Ledbetter were already in high gear with the singing so I was able to sneak in unnoticed. They were using some Child Evangelism Fellowship material that is probably older than I am, and my first thought was, “Oh no, these kids are going to hate this”. Much to my surprise however, they were loving it almost immediately, laughing and singing at the tops of their voices.

The Bible lesson was a very basic story about Jesus’ life. Mrs. Ledbetter told them about Jesus birth and death and resurrection and his promise to come again. I was a little surprised by how little those kids knew about Jesus. At one point, Mrs. Ledbetter asked them how Jesus died, and one child responded, “In a burning bush”. I need to stop making assumptions about the Bible belt, Christendom is moving out.

After the lesson we had snack time, which was a big hit, and I was able to talk a little with the kids. It was really interesting to hear some of their stories, maybe I’ll post more about them later. As for now, the plan is to meet again next Tuesday and see what happens.

Thank you for your prayers!