Gretchen and I just got back from our first English class for international refugees. As I said earlier, I was very nervous. I had no experience with classes like this at all and I didn’t quite know what we were getting into, but I’m pleased to report that everything went great!

Seven people came including two volunteers from Grace. That doesn’t sound like much but its more than I expected for a first meeting like this. We had a man and a woman from Bosnia (including the lady I spoke to at the bus stop on tuesday), one lady from Laos, one guy from Cuba and a lady from Sudan. The three ladies were fairly competent English speakers already, but the two guys didn’t know a thing. They were all very eager to learn though, so we got started right away.

Gretchen took the ladies and started talking with them about where they were with their language skills, and I took the two guys and started at square one. We spent a full hour talking and laughing and trying to break down the language barrier. By the time we were done everyone was smiling and promising to come back next week and bring their friends. It really was amazing. I can honestly say that all of those folks left with a little more confidence in their English skills, and in the process we all had a great time. I am very excited to see what God might be doing here.

I’ll post more and some pictures later.