Just a quick update, English Classes on Thursday night went well. The folks from Bosnia arrived early and I was able to have a very interesting discussion with them about their faith. They are both Muslims and their only experience with Christianity is the Catholic and Orthodox churches in Bosnia. They were very interested in all the different Christian churches here in America, and I had a difficult time explaining that Grace Church is “non-denominational”. I don’t have the ability to communicate with them very much yet, but they are curious about our church and there is definitely an open door to talk about Christ and the gospel.

In other news, Gretchen and I have acquired a second dog. We had been going back and forth for some time about the necessity of having a friend for Ben, and last week Gretchen found a very sweet Beagle at our local SPCA. We took Ben out there and they seemed to get along very well, so we decided to adopt her. (click for larger images)


She has been a great addition to our household, and I think she has actually had a calming effect on Ben. We named her “Weezy” because she had a little bit of kennel cough when we got her, which has since spread to Ben as well.


She spends most of the day sleeping, which is somewhat irritating to Ben who wants to lick her face continually (I wonder how he got her cough…). He does seem much happier than he was before though, and they appear to be getting pretty attached to one another. I was skeptical at first, but I think I might actually say that two dogs are better than one.