I just got back from our English class tonight and I am pleased to report that it went really well. We had three new students tonight, two from Mexico and one from Honduras. I spent the majority of the evening pointing to various parts of my body and saying “NOSE”, or “ELBOW”. They picked up on the new vocabulary very quickly, but pronunciation was a little more difficult. Certain sounds we make when pronouncing English words are not easy for Spanish speakers to imitate. The “th” sound is one of those, making words like “mouth” and “teeth” very hard to say. Evidently “thumb” is the mother of all hard words to say, as I spent probably ten minutes saying it while they repeated back something like “some-ba”.

I can’t comprehend how frustrating it must be to have to learn a language like English late in life. These folks are clearly eager to understand and they are very diligent in their practice. Unfortunately they only have me for a teacher. Please pray for us, especially these students:

Edward from Cuba
Monpilar from Laos
Jolet from Sudan
Roberta from Honduras
Blanca from El Salvador
Elvira from Bosnia
Zijah from Bosnia
Fatijah from Bosnia
Subhia from Jordan
Tobias from Mexico
Mari from Mexico