I noticed it’s been a little while since I posted some pictures here. I haven’t taken any photos at our English classes yet because I’m afraid to hurt the dynamic we have right now. Everyone seems to be comfortable and I don’t know enough about all the different cultures to be comfortable breaking out the camera. It would be a disaster to start snapping photos and have someone think I’m an undercover immigration services agent or something and freak out.

So in order to add a little color here, I thought I’d post some pictures from our stay with Gretchen’s parents over Thanksgiving. Click for larger images.


Here we are moments after Gretchen crossed the finish line in “The Turkey Trot”, a 5K race her family participates in every year on Thanksgiving day. Amazing how beautiful she looks for having just run five kilometers isn’t it? Notice the half dozen layers I’m wearing to combat the bitter cold, and the reflective vest I borrowed from my father-in-law so I could stand in restricted areas and get a better view.


Here I am with my father-in-law as we prepare to go out and cut down a Christmas tree in the back yard, another family tradition. Having never cut down a tree before I was very excited and grew a lumberjack beard for the occasion.


And here we are an hour later with the tree. You might notice that I seem a little less sure of myself than before. Thats because the twelve foot tree they selected fell on me while we were cutting it down. It turns out being a good lumberjack takes more than just the beard.

I hope you enjoyed those! I’ll hopefully have some more recent photos to put up soon.