Earlier in the week I began hearing rumors about an aggressive flu virus running rampant through several families in our church. Being 23 years old and therefore an invincible genius, I reasoned that this virus would have no effect on me and proceeded with my plans to spend Wednesday evening volunteering with our Awanas ministry. We spent an hour playing with Play-Doh together, which, in retrospect probably wasn’t a great idea. In fact, looking back I can remember watching one cute little girl sneeze, wipe her nose and immediately hand me a Play-Doh necklace she had made, which I then put on.

So, I got sick on Friday night and spent pretty much all weekend trying not to throw up or pass out. This weekend also marked the arrival of BLIZZARD 2006!!, which, in Roanoke amounted to some very beautiful snow fall for most of Saturday, but not enough to really cover the roads or sidewalks.

In my incapacitated state I was unable to enjoy the snow first hand, but we did get to send Ben and Weezy out to frolic in the winter wonderland for a few hours. Here they are loving life in our back yard:

They loved it, so much in fact that we had a hard time getting them to come back in. Unfortunately, I’m sure we will have the same problem today when all the snow is melted and our back yard is a mud-pit.