Big news everyone, Gretchen is pregnant! She is in the first week of her second trimester right now, and I’ve conducted a brief interview with her about her pregnancy so far:

C: Gretchen, so I hear you are pregnant…

G: Yes I am, I’m due Aug. 18th. Which works out well because school is out June 16th, so I can spend the last two months in the pool.

C: Thats excellent, are you excited?

G: Yes I am, we had a good sonogram yesterday. The baby was jumping up and down, moving all around. It made me a little nervous that we might have a high strung child, but the technician said it was a good sign because that means he or she is healthy and feels good.

C: Ah yes, he did look pretty excited in there. He was loving life and doing a little jig for us!

G: Haha!

C: So, how have you been feeling?

G: Well…terrible. For a while I couldn’t really eat anything and I was nauseous all the time. Then it got even worse for a while, then a little better, then bad again, until today when I got a prescription to help with the nausea and I started feeling great! I am thinking of sending a thank you note to the pharmaceutical company.

C: You do seem to be feeling good. Almost like a whole new Gretchen.

G: Thanks

C: Are you hoping for a boy or a girl?

G: I think its a boy, which scares me, but as long as we get at least one of each I’ll be ok. We’ll find out in six weeks!

C: What is it about a boy that scares you?

G: I didn’t really know many boys growing up, we had all girls in our family. They seem to be rougher and get hurt more.

C: I understand.

G: And, girls are sweet. I know girls, I am a girl!

C: True, true.

G: What about you? Would like a boy or girl?

C: Well, I suppose I would like a boy for all the same reasons you don’t. Familiarity, rougher, gets hurt more, etc.

G: Don’t you think a little girl would just melt your heart? Imagine that “I love you daddy” and those tiny chubby hands holding your cheeks, you would be melted butter.

C: I suppose you’re right about that. Well, thank you for the interview sweetheart.

G: Are you putting the pictures up?

C: Yes.

G: Good.

Click for a larger image

Sonogram 1: Hi Mommy!

Sonogram 2: A steady heartbeat

Sonogram 3: Spinal chord