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I’ve been long overdue to do an update about our After School Bible Club. For those of you who don’t know, every Tuesday afternoon some volunteers from Grace Church head over to the El Ray apartments and gather the children together for an hour or so. They usually sing some songs, talk about the Bible and then have a snack together. It’s a pretty simple meeting without a lot of flash, but they emphasize the important things and God seems to be blessing it.

Mrs. Brokaw, the volunteer who heads up the club, was telling me about some particularly encouraging developments last week. Apparently, some other children had started coming around and throwing rocks at the windows of the community center while our Bible Club was meeting. This was quite a distraction to the kids inside and some of the younger ones where getting pretty scared. Our volunteers kept their cool however and continued with business as usual. The rock-throwers soon gave up, and some of them actually come inside to see what what going in there. Now several of the former rock-throwers are regular attenders! So praise the Lord for giving our volunteers patience and drawing some new children to our meeting through unusual means.

Here are some recent photos. Click for larger images.

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I posted any news here. I had a very busy week and we had company in town over the weekend. I’ve got some pictures from the After School Bible Club and some sonogram scans to post though, so I’ll try to get those up tomorrow. Gretchen has a doctor’s appointment tomorrow as well, so pray if you think of us!

As I mentioned before, we had a detailed sonogram on Tuesday. We spent about 20 minutes in a very dark and hot room while a lady rubbed this weird sensor around on Gretchen’s stomach. A little black and white screen displayed something that looked like a weather pattern for a few seconds, then suddenly, a baby appeared! She was curled up on her side sleeping with her tiny hands tucked under her chin. The nurse took some measurements and made sure all the vital organs were present and developing properly, then she poked and prodded for a few seconds to wake her up. The baby wiggled around a little and yawned. It was really wonderful to see.

We have another appointment in two weeks, then Gretchen has to go on twice a week for the remainder of the pregnancy. Since Lilly died when she did and no one really knows why, they want to make sure they know right away if something begins to happen with this baby. We’re very encouraged though, and we know that God’s will is for our good.

Thank you all for your prayers, we appreciate all your encouragement and support!

We discovered this morning when Gretchen and I went to the doctor for her detailed sonogram that we are having a girl! I’ll post some pictures from the sonogram tomorrow.

Tonight was a breakthrough night at English class in more ways than one. First, Carmen grasped personal pronouns for the first time! I could almost see it click in her brain when it happened. She got up on the edge of her chair and said, “His nose, her nose, my nose!” It might not sound like much, but it was really a triumphant moment for me, and for the whole class I think.

Second, I finally brought a camera to class. Gale Naff took these during the lesson:

Nancy and Judy go over evaluations with some new students.

Mary Lee and Jolet discuss civics and American history.

Thats Carmen in the red shirt, she was pretty pleased with herself.

Subhia, Hu and Maria’s daughter take notes.

Here I am in action. Can you imagine a less scholarly looking teacher?

Judy goes over vocabulary with Lucio.

Also, I wanted to mention the After School Bible Club quickly. A few people have contacted me asking for an update. The Bible club is going very well, and after a rough couple weeks at the beginning the attendance evened out. They are learning the story of Daniel right now. I’ll try to get some pictures next week and post a more thorough update.

I just posted our March newsletter, you can access it here or in the “News” section of this site.

You might be wondering what happened to the February newsletter. All I can say is, if you put off writing the February newsletter long enough, it suddenly becomes the March newsletter. It’s like magic!

9 days and counting until we go to the doctor and, hopefully, discover the sex of our baby.

Gretchen is feeling good right now. The medicine she’s taking for nausea is working pretty well and she’s in good spirits. A couple times a week she gets sick, but thats nothing compared to the situation a few weeks ago.

I’ll post some pictures from the sonogram when we get them.

Well, I can see that my updates have gotten a little sparse in between english classes. It’s not that there hasn’t been anything newsworthy going on, quite the opposite in fact, but I’ll get to that in detail in a few days.

Tonight’s english class went well. We didn’t have quite as many students as in recent weeks, but it seems that a core group of regulars is developing. The same students have been in my class for weeks now and we are really able to build on the previous lessons from week to week.

Please continue to pray that God would create opportunities for us to communicate with these students about more than just the English language. As relationships are being built we need to be bold, but also very sensitive in talking about the gospel.

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