Tonight was a breakthrough night at English class in more ways than one. First, Carmen grasped personal pronouns for the first time! I could almost see it click in her brain when it happened. She got up on the edge of her chair and said, “His nose, her nose, my nose!” It might not sound like much, but it was really a triumphant moment for me, and for the whole class I think.

Second, I finally brought a camera to class. Gale Naff took these during the lesson:

Nancy and Judy go over evaluations with some new students.

Mary Lee and Jolet discuss civics and American history.

Thats Carmen in the red shirt, she was pretty pleased with herself.

Subhia, Hu and Maria’s daughter take notes.

Here I am in action. Can you imagine a less scholarly looking teacher?

Judy goes over vocabulary with Lucio.

Also, I wanted to mention the After School Bible Club quickly. A few people have contacted me asking for an update. The Bible club is going very well, and after a rough couple weeks at the beginning the attendance evened out. They are learning the story of Daniel right now. I’ll try to get some pictures next week and post a more thorough update.