As I mentioned before, we had a detailed sonogram on Tuesday. We spent about 20 minutes in a very dark and hot room while a lady rubbed this weird sensor around on Gretchen’s stomach. A little black and white screen displayed something that looked like a weather pattern for a few seconds, then suddenly, a baby appeared! She was curled up on her side sleeping with her tiny hands tucked under her chin. The nurse took some measurements and made sure all the vital organs were present and developing properly, then she poked and prodded for a few seconds to wake her up. The baby wiggled around a little and yawned. It was really wonderful to see.

We have another appointment in two weeks, then Gretchen has to go on twice a week for the remainder of the pregnancy. Since Lilly died when she did and no one really knows why, they want to make sure they know right away if something begins to happen with this baby. We’re very encouraged though, and we know that God’s will is for our good.

Thank you all for your prayers, we appreciate all your encouragement and support!