I’ve been long overdue to do an update about our After School Bible Club. For those of you who don’t know, every Tuesday afternoon some volunteers from Grace Church head over to the El Ray apartments and gather the children together for an hour or so. They usually sing some songs, talk about the Bible and then have a snack together. It’s a pretty simple meeting without a lot of flash, but they emphasize the important things and God seems to be blessing it.

Mrs. Brokaw, the volunteer who heads up the club, was telling me about some particularly encouraging developments last week. Apparently, some other children had started coming around and throwing rocks at the windows of the community center while our Bible Club was meeting. This was quite a distraction to the kids inside and some of the younger ones where getting pretty scared. Our volunteers kept their cool however and continued with business as usual. The rock-throwers soon gave up, and some of them actually come inside to see what what going in there. Now several of the former rock-throwers are regular attenders! So praise the Lord for giving our volunteers patience and drawing some new children to our meeting through unusual means.

Here are some recent photos. Click for larger images.