Last night was an excellent night for our English class. The attendance was a little light, I assume because we had to cancel last weeks meeting when we couldnt find the key. We had as many students as teachers this week so we were able to do one-on-one tutoring.

Mary Lee sat down with Jolet and talked about stores, banking, commerce and that sort of thing. I am always surprised by the things that I take for granted, like understanding the difference between a credit card and a debit card. Even understanding advertisements is really difficult for a person who is unfamiliar with the language and culture.

Judy and Hu talked about clocks and telling time, and also started discussing food. That’s another area that I hadn’t appreciated the difficulty people must have understanding. We package our foods very differently than a lot of cultures do. A banana is always a banana, but when you go over to the dairy section, the yogurt has a pictures of strawberries on it and the cottage cheese has a picture of a cow. Cereal has athletes and cartoon characters on it’s boxes, and the salt has a picture of a little girl holding an umbrella, how much more confusing could we be?

Subhia and Doris met together and spent most of the hour just talking. Doris is a lady from our church who spent 12 years as a missionary in Jordon, where Subhoa is from. When Subhia came in and Doris greeted her in Arabic, a big smile came across her face. She was clearly excited to be able to communicate in her native language again.

So, thank you again for your prayers. The next big step for us is a community BBQ the first weekend in May. I’ll post some more details about that in a few weeks.