English class was great tonight. Mary Lee wasn’t able to come because she had lost her voice, so I met with Jolet. I didn’t have Mary Lee’s notes, so I was completely unprepared to pick up here they left off last week. I went to my car and searched furiously through the pile of sundry debris in my back-seat for something we could read together. I emerged with a road atlas, a commentary on the book of John, and a New Testament.

The commentary was no good, so we went through the atlas for a few minutes. Jolet showed me all the places she recognized and I told her about all the places I had lived. It was actually pretty good for her to practice pronouncing words like “Mississippi” and “Colorado”.

That got old quick though, and we moved on to the New Testament. We read the first chapter of Mark together, and I asked her if she understood what “baptism” meant. She said, “Of course, in the water. This story is in the Bible. We go to church all the time.” As it turns out, Jolet and her husband are both professing believers who were regular church attenders when they lived in Sudan. She told her that her husband hasn’t been interested in going to church since they got to America, but she was hoping to start again soon.

We talked, as much as was possible, about her faith and her testimony, and she said that she was interested in coming to our Church. How’s that for an unexpected answer to prayer? I was taking my sweet time, waiting for her language skills to improve before I brought up the subject of church, and all along she was actually looking for a church in the area!

Thank you for your prayers, and please continue to lift up Jolet and her husband.