I met with Jolet again during class yesterday. As I’m spending more time with her and getting to know more about her language skills I can see that reading is by far her weakest area. She is actually pretty proficient when it comes to listening and speaking, but her ability to read and understand simple English words is far behind. My own experience with foreign language has been the opposite. My education came almost exclusively from books, so reading and writing came first. I remember being in Spanish class in high school, passing tests and quizzes easily but terrified that the teacher might call on me to actually pronounce something. Jolet, on the other hand, has learned all that she knows of our language through conversation and television and as a result can speak well but barely read.

I was hoping that our big cook out last weekend would rejuvenate our student and volunteer base, but we had to cancel it because of rain. We’ll take another stab at it in early June.

On a side note, I wanted to point out this recent story on CNN: Minorities getting closer to the majority. It would be good for us to take this sort of thing into account as we’re seeking God’s heart in evangelism and prayer. Do our churches reflect the growing number of non-caucasion people in America? Would my prayers for the lost be different if I weren’t a member of America’s dominant race? Would our evangelistic efforts as a church be different if the majority of Americans were hispanic?