We had our first annual chili cook-off last Sunday. We loaded up several vehicles worth of stuff and headed a few blocks over to the El Ray apartments to share the event with our neighbors. Our van was somehow designated to transport all the chili, so Gretchen kept her eyes closed while I drove gingerly with one eye on the 25 crock pots behind us. God was merciful in holding back the rain all afternoon and we were able to enjoy several hours of fellowship together and with the tenants at El Ray. Our primary purpose in holding this event was to begin familiarizing our neighbors with Grace Church a little more, and I would consider Sunday to be a success in that regard. At least a couple dozen folks came out to eat and talk with us there in the parking lot and many of our members were blessed to have lengthy conversations with El Ray residents.

A special thanks to all who were willing to bring food, and to Bob Hollins for his willingness to serve us all by loading and transporting all of our tables and chairs in his truck. The winner of the Chili Cook-off has been decided by our celebrity judges Ed Winstead and Bill Onesty and will be announced on Sunday.

I’ll post some pictures of the even here when I get them.