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It looks like Samuel has got some wicked gas. He’ll be eating or sleeping or just looking around when all of the sudden his little face turns red and twists up in pain. He opens his mouth as if to scream, but no scream ever comes. Instead, he grunts and lets loose a raunchy fart. In fact, he spends quite a bit of time grunting and farting now. Every few minutes it seems he’s tensing up and squeezing out some gas. Yesterday he farted so loudly it startled the dogs. I’ll see if I can get some video of him in action.

Seeing him like this you’d never guess he just let a nasty one go:

We went for a walk sort of early this morning and Sammy had a hard time waking up:

Sammy082706 01-1

Sammy082706 02

But eventually we found a way to help him:

Sammy082706 03

Gretchen’s sister Heidi came to visit this weekend. She spent a lot of time with Sammy and maybe even more time playing with Ben, who loves her very much.

Here she is holding Sammy just before she left

Hvisit 04

Evidently he passed gas or something

Hvisit 05

She and Gretchen went in for the double kiss…

Hvisit 01

… and he fought back

Hvisit 02

Thanks for coming to visit, Heidi!

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I spent a little time working in our back yard today and Gretchen brought Sammy out to keep me company for a few minutes. He didn’t open his eyes once, but he did wear a pretty hilarious looking hat.


I’m in the process of moving our blog from blogger over to wordpress , so please forgive me if the site looks a little different for a few days.

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A certain family member emailed me the other day and pointed out that pictures of three of Sammy’s four grandparents have been posted on this blog. So, without further delay, here’s his Grandpa Evans:

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Well, we had our first ridiculous pee/poo fiasco tonight.

Gretchen asked me if I would change Sammy’s diaper. Being a kind and benevolent husband I complied and transported him to the changing table. I removed his footy-pajamas and dirty diaper and proceeded to wipe his little pink bottom. As I was getting the poo out of his tiny skin folds he let loose with a very raunchy fart. I told him how gross I thought that was, and he replied by shooting a ferocious torrent of liquid poo all over the changing table. I was shocked and reacted by shouting, “Holy Crap!”. Gretchen ran into the room to see what had happened.

Now, she hasn’t completely recovered from labor yet, and one of the symptoms she’s still dealing with is a weakened bladder. When she rounded the corner and saw me standing there holding his feet up trying frantically to scrape up the pool of poo she started laughing and immediately peed her pants. I realized what was happening and started laughing myself as she ran to bathroom. Just then I felt wetness on my hands and looked down to see Sammy peeing all over himself and the other side of the changing table. I grabbed a diaper to stop the damage and started wiping him off.

By this time I was having trouble holding my own bladder. I managed to get him cleaned and into a new diaper as Gretchen was returning from the bathroom. In an effort to help me she picked up a dirty diaper and inadvertently spilled liquid poo on the floor.

A mere 30 minutes after the initial diaper change began we are all wearing clean clothes and sitting on the couch together. Sammy is sleeping soundly and making more poo.

Gretchen’s Dad came to visit us this weekend. He is usually a really active guy who likes to have something to do every minute (the last time he came to visit he put up a fence in our yard, the time before that he installed a ceiling fan), but this time was different. He was content to just sit on the couch and hold Sammy all weekend.

Well, everything is going very smoothly with Samuel so far. He’s healthy, he’s taken to breast-feeding very quickly, he sleeps for a reasonably long time every night and he rarely cries. Of course, he is only eight days old, I suppose that could change…

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