It’s about 1:00 here and Gretchen is taking a nap. We got to our room right before 8:00 this morning and our doctor arrived shortly afterwards. He did and examination and told us that Gretchen was about 2 centimeters dilated. He tried to break the amniotic sac to start inducing labor but couldn’t, so he started her on a drug called “pitocin” (I think). That started working right away and she was having regular contractions within about 20 minutes. After a couple hours the doctor came back and was able to break her water. At that point the contractions got a lot stronger and she dilated to 4 centimeters pretty quickly. About an hour later she had an epidural (I think that’s spelled wrong) and went to sleep.

She has been doing really, really well. She’s been breathing through all the contractions and staying relaxed, moving around as much as she can and going to the bathroom regularly. The nurse says that the baby is really healthy and doing great also. At this point she should progress at about a centimeter an hour, which would put the actual delivery at around 7:00pm.

Thanks to everybody that is praying for us, I’ll try and post again later.