He’s here! Born at 8:23 pm on Friday, August the 10th 2006, weighing in at 7 pounds 5 and a half ounces. His apgar (?) score was 9, whatever that means. I have no idea how long he is, but both my mother and mother-in-law asked me that question first so evidently it’s important.

Gretchen did wonderfully during labor. Once she started pushing she was amazing and everything was over surprisingly quickly. I actually saw him leaving the womb, which I expectedd to be horrific but was actually pretty cool. Surreal, but cool.

He cried for a few minutes right after he was born but quickly quieted down. He hardly made a peep for the next hour or so but he was very active, looking around and making faces and that sort of thing. It’s funny, I don’t know how much he can see and hear, but it did feel like he recognized us. Right now he’s in the nursery getting cleaned up and Gretchen is eating dinner. I’ll try to post some pictures tomorrow.