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Samuel is really getting to be fun as he becomes more alert and active. He spends time raising his head to look around, making faces, smiling, and “talking” every day. Usually he wakes up, is active for a while, then zones out, falls back asleep, and repeats the pattern throughout the day. I love it! Right now as I type this entry, Sammy is looking around and cooing in the cutest way.

I’m so thankful I can be home with Sammy as he seems to change all the time. I expected the transition to stay-at-home mom to have its rough spots, but it’s been great! I enjoy being with Samuel and watching him grow each day. It’s fun seeing his personality develop, sweet taking a nap with him, and sometimes I’ll just hold him and watch him sleep, amazed he is our child. Samuel is the most adorable baby and I would hate to miss out on any of his cuteness.

Here are a few pictures of the newly active (at times) Samuel:

Sammy’s 0 – 3 month clothes were getting too small so we tried some bigger clothes on him. We might have gone a little too big but it made for some hilarious pictures.

Keepin’ it real in Mom’s t-shirt
Where did Sammy’s legs go?

Yesterday was a big day for the Evanses. Samuel got a bath and not just any bath, but one that was documented by Daddy! We got pictures of the stages Sammy typically goes through during the bathing process.

Another exciting part of our day was Sammy’s smiles. Thanks to the help of his father (see this post) Samuel has definitely learned to smile and loves it! We captured a few of these adorable faces on camera to share with you. So without further delay, here are the highlights of the weekend:

Samuel had a poo that escaped from the diaper protection so he was stripped of his clothes and sat happily with Charlie while I prepared the bath (Notice the smile!)
Then came the bath, something he’s never sure he likes
Samuel gets cold and needs some snuggling afterwards

Later on in the day, Sammy flashed his new smile for us
100% baby–drooling, kind of smiling, and some boogers in the nose

In an attempt to make it easier for our readers to post comments I inadvertently stopped comments from being posted altogether! HaHa!

I was thinking this evening, “I wonder why no one has commented on any of these great posts my wife has been making”, so I logged into our site as an administrator and saw that we had “16 COMMENTS AWAITING MODERATION”. Color me surprised. If you posted a comment in the last few weeks and wondered why it never showed up, wonder no more. It’s because I’m stupid.

Samuel loves his pacifier. He doesn’t always want it, but when he does, he sucks on that thing with all of his might. This morning happened to be one of those pacifier times for Sammy.

Today was his first day of being in childcare while I was in bible study and he spent almost all of the time sleeping in his car seat sucking on his pacifier. In fact, by the time we got home, he had had that passy in his mouth for two hours. I took it out and this is how he looked (click on the picture for a larger image):


I think all dads like to torture children…or maybe it’s just my dad and my son’s dad. My dad loves to see babies upset, whether that be crying or all puckered up because he just gave them a taste of a dill pickle. When my dad is visiting, he loves to see Sammy squirm and fuss and he video tapes it if he’s got the chance.

I thought I had a sweet and nurturing husband but it turns out I was wrong. The other night he decided he would help Samuel learn how to smile. Sammy was not amused but we did capture the moments on camera for you to see. (I don’t know who the accomplice was in taking these photos.)

Warming up and loosening those chubby cheeks
I don’t think I like this, Daddy

Let’s try that again
Okay, I KNOW I don’t like that!

I hope Samuel gets used to the torture because there’s a lot more where that came from! Poor guy, I try to protect him, but there’s only so much I can do…

Samuel went on his first road trip last weekend! Charlie’s company had a family day at Busch Gardens on Sunday, so we packed all our baby gear and piled into the car Saturday to make the 4 1/2 hour trek (baby time) to Williamsburg. Sammy did a great job riding in the car but he did decide the trip should be over about ten minutes before it actually was. He cried and got mad and cried louder until we were able to take him out of his car seat. Unfortunately, we stopped at the wrong hotel first, so he had to get back into that nasty seat for a few more minutes. Once we reached our destination and calmed him down, he was back to his content self.

Sammy actually missed most of his first hotel experience:

Waking up Sunday morning for our adventure was tough on the little guy:

We finally got his walking shoes on, though:

And off we went to enjoy the park family style! It was very different from our previous amusement park experiences, but it was fun. We walked around, got to know a family from his company better, rode the train, and envisioned our future in the kiddie section of the park. (Sammy, of course, slept through all of this.) It was a great day and Samuel was content the entire drive back that evening.

Where were Ben and Weez during our trip, you ask? They were having the time of their lives staying with Charlie’s mom (thanks again, LIsa) and taking over her dog Murphy’s turf:
000 0068

Just some pictures of Sammy that I love…

Sammy going on his first walk (via stroller, of course)

Ben keeping his distance from Sammy and his somewhat scary toy

Louise’s motherly instinct kicking in

Fast asleep after another hard day of growing

This has been the first week of Samuel and I being home alone together. Sammy is now awake more frequently during the day, which is fun, but also more demanding. I’m starting to realize why people say they can’t get anything done with a baby. I’m also realizing how much Charlie helped with Sammy throughout the day. If I needed to get something done and Samuel wasn’t content being laid down, Charlie would hold him or tend to his needs. Now I’m suddenly the only one who is around to soothe him and it’s taking a long time to accomplish anything. We are very thankful for Charlie’s job but we miss Daddy being around during the day.


Samuel had his one month check up on Tuesday and he’s looking good. He has gained three pounds in about three and a half weeks to bring his weight up to ten pounds! He has also grown an inch so that he is twenty-one and one half inches long. That means he’s right around the fiftieth percentile for height and weight. Way to go Sammy! He did a great job at the doctor’s office. He didn’t pee or poo all over the nurse while being weighed like our one week visit and he impressed the doctor with his contentedness while being poked and prodded. He did let out a wail unlike any I’ve heard yet when getting a shot but who wouldn’t object to getting stuck in the thigh with a needle. All and all, he was a star patient and made his mom proud.

Samuel met Aunt Brittany this past weekend and he took to her right away

Samuel also recently met some great aunts, a great uncle, and some second cousins.

Aunt Mary, Maria, and Aunt Carol in awe of Sammy’s cuteness

000 0043

Charlie and Aunt Katie taken with the sweetness of cousin Mary

000 0041

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