I started a new job last Friday at an office technology firm. My new company provides information and print technology products and services to businesses throughout Virginia. It might sound pretty nerdy, but I like it and it’s great job.

Working full time feels great, but it is going to have some adverse effects on the regularity of my blog entries. We’ve been really encouraged by all the communication with friends and family that this blog has promoted though, so we want to continue with it.

So, Gretchen is going to be taking my place as primary blogger at theevanses.com. I’ll still be writing occasional updates but her posts will make up most of the content you’ll find here. She is pretty new to the whole blogging thing though, and while she is very intelligent and technologically capable, she’ll be getting used to our system here so cut her some slack. And if you like what she’s doing please leave a comment and let her know!

And now for the real deal. Pictures:

Sammy at the park

Ben and Louise frolicking together

Sammy gets inspected by his Grandpa and LouiseDsc00650