Samuel had his one month check up on Tuesday and he’s looking good. He has gained three pounds in about three and a half weeks to bring his weight up to ten pounds! He has also grown an inch so that he is twenty-one and one half inches long. That means he’s right around the fiftieth percentile for height and weight. Way to go Sammy! He did a great job at the doctor’s office. He didn’t pee or poo all over the nurse while being weighed like our one week visit and he impressed the doctor with his contentedness while being poked and prodded. He did let out a wail unlike any I’ve heard yet when getting a shot but who wouldn’t object to getting stuck in the thigh with a needle. All and all, he was a star patient and made his mom proud.

Samuel met Aunt Brittany this past weekend and he took to her right away

Samuel also recently met some great aunts, a great uncle, and some second cousins.

Aunt Mary, Maria, and Aunt Carol in awe of Sammy’s cuteness

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Charlie and Aunt Katie taken with the sweetness of cousin Mary

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