Samuel went on his first road trip last weekend! Charlie’s company had a family day at Busch Gardens on Sunday, so we packed all our baby gear and piled into the car Saturday to make the 4 1/2 hour trek (baby time) to Williamsburg. Sammy did a great job riding in the car but he did decide the trip should be over about ten minutes before it actually was. He cried and got mad and cried louder until we were able to take him out of his car seat. Unfortunately, we stopped at the wrong hotel first, so he had to get back into that nasty seat for a few more minutes. Once we reached our destination and calmed him down, he was back to his content self.

Sammy actually missed most of his first hotel experience:

Waking up Sunday morning for our adventure was tough on the little guy:

We finally got his walking shoes on, though:

And off we went to enjoy the park family style! It was very different from our previous amusement park experiences, but it was fun. We walked around, got to know a family from his company better, rode the train, and envisioned our future in the kiddie section of the park. (Sammy, of course, slept through all of this.) It was a great day and Samuel was content the entire drive back that evening.

Where were Ben and Weez during our trip, you ask? They were having the time of their lives staying with Charlie’s mom (thanks again, LIsa) and taking over her dog Murphy’s turf:
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