I think all dads like to torture children…or maybe it’s just my dad and my son’s dad. My dad loves to see babies upset, whether that be crying or all puckered up because he just gave them a taste of a dill pickle. When my dad is visiting, he loves to see Sammy squirm and fuss and he video tapes it if he’s got the chance.

I thought I had a sweet and nurturing husband but it turns out I was wrong. The other night he decided he would help Samuel learn how to smile. Sammy was not amused but we did capture the moments on camera for you to see. (I don’t know who the accomplice was in taking these photos.)

Warming up and loosening those chubby cheeks
I don’t think I like this, Daddy

Let’s try that again
Okay, I KNOW I don’t like that!

I hope Samuel gets used to the torture because there’s a lot more where that came from! Poor guy, I try to protect him, but there’s only so much I can do…