Samuel is really getting to be fun as he becomes more alert and active. He spends time raising his head to look around, making faces, smiling, and “talking” every day. Usually he wakes up, is active for a while, then zones out, falls back asleep, and repeats the pattern throughout the day. I love it! Right now as I type this entry, Sammy is looking around and cooing in the cutest way.

I’m so thankful I can be home with Sammy as he seems to change all the time. I expected the transition to stay-at-home mom to have its rough spots, but it’s been great! I enjoy being with Samuel and watching him grow each day. It’s fun seeing his personality develop, sweet taking a nap with him, and sometimes I’ll just hold him and watch him sleep, amazed he is our child. Samuel is the most adorable baby and I would hate to miss out on any of his cuteness.

Here are a few pictures of the newly active (at times) Samuel: