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There seems to be a little bit of a problem with the poll. Some folks are reporting that when they hit the “vote” button the site loads indefinitely and never actually registers their vote. If that happens to you and you’re desperate to have your voice heard in this extremely important matter, please just leave your vote in the comments and I’ll amend the poll to reflect your preference.

Less than 48 hours left!

We have two costumes for Samuel to wear this Tuesday when we go trick-or-treating. One is a very cute looking pumpkin costume that was given to us by Gretchen’s Uncle Ken (there were some pictures of Sammy wearing it posted here a few weeks ago). The other option is a pea-pod costume that was given to us by our friends the Braatens. No pictures of the pea-pod are posted, but I assure you that it’s very very cute.

We’re torn over which one he should actually wear on Halloween night, so we’re asking for your help. Directly to the right of this post is a poll. If you don’t mind, please take a second and vote for your preference. On Tuesday night we’ll dress him up in the winning costume and take a bunch of pictures.

Thanks, and Happy Halloween!

Sammy rolled over! Okay, so maybe it was more like a topple, but he went from his tummy onto his back. We were upstairs playing in his room and making sure Sammy got his tummy time when he pushed himself up a little with his arms. Unfortunately, one side was stronger than the other so Samuel ended up rolling onto his side and then his back. I was so proud, but he wasn’t too amused. We must have the most advanced baby ever!

Because I always put up pictures in these posts (and I know that’s what our fans really want to see), here’s one of the from this week:

Well, as you may have noticed we’ve had a comment problem lately. Some marketing geniuses have been flooding our comment system with poorly written advertisements for their useless junk. For those not in the know, this annoying and futile brand of advertising is called “spam”. If you’ve ever used an email account you’ve no doubt encountered it before.

Why anyone would think it was a good idea to make a comment on our blog about half priced medication for erectile dysfunction I have no idea, but as of right now I’ve implemented some comment filtering safeguards that should make it impossible for spammers to continue posting here. Unfortuately, this also means that your comments will not be posted immediately. They’ll sit in a holding bin until Gretchen or I can go through and delete the junk.
So, I apologize for the inconvenience, and if you know anyone who spams other people for a living, please punch them in the face for me.

Here are some more pictures of Samuel freely expressing himself:

Do you love eating, too, Dad?
Hi, Mom!
A full tummy makes me feel good!
Then I crash, though, and need a nap.
Now, Aunt Heidi, stop taking pictures!

I feel like I’ve been slacking off on blogging lately because we’ve gotten busy with life and I didn’t have anything exciting to write. This past weekend, however, my sister Heidi came to visit and we had a great time. We didn’t do much–we hung out, went for a walk to enjoy the gorgeous fall day, and took some pictures…of Sammy, of course.

I was just looking through the pictures and I think Sammy has grown up a lot in the last few weeks! He’s started making quite expressive faces and is looking like a baby rather than the newborn he’s been so far. He’s getting to be really fun.

We got a number of great pictures so I’ll be posting them over the next couple of days.

I’m such a happy baby!
Don’t laugh at me, Mom.

One night this week, I was brushing my teeth before bed and came into our room to catch this bonding moment:


We can’t believe Sammy turned two months old last Tuesday (October 10) but we also can’t believe he wasn’t in our lives until two months ago. Charlie was out of town for work last week, so I took some pictures of Sammy on his two month birthday and mailed them to him. They turned out very nicely, so I hope you enjoy them.


I think I could just die from the cuteness of our child! When Samuel was born, we thought he couldn’t be more adorable. Then, when he started waking up and showing us his eyes, we thought, this is the most precious he could be. As Sammy began looking at us, however, we thought, this has got to be the pinnacle of sweetness. We were wrong. Sammy has started giggling and smiling a lot this week and if he gets any cuter, I might die! I realize I’m being dramatic, but check out these pics for yourself and see if I’m wrong.

My Uncle Craig and Aunt Darlene have a foster daughter named Midnight who is just over a year older than Samuel. Midnight was very interested in Sammy when they were together last week and at times had to be held back for Sammy’s protection!

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