Well, as you may have noticed we’ve had a comment problem lately. Some marketing geniuses have been flooding our comment system with poorly written advertisements for their useless junk. For those not in the know, this annoying and futile brand of advertising is called “spam”. If you’ve ever used an email account you’ve no doubt encountered it before.

Why anyone would think it was a good idea to make a comment on our blog about half priced medication for erectile dysfunction I have no idea, but as of right now I’ve implemented some comment filtering safeguards that should make it impossible for spammers to continue posting here. Unfortuately, this also means that your comments will not be posted immediately. They’ll sit in a holding bin until Gretchen or I can go through and delete the junk.
So, I apologize for the inconvenience, and if you know anyone who spams other people for a living, please punch them in the face for me.