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Sammy and I (Gretchen) made our first road trip on our own last week. We went to Ohio to meet my family and boy was Sammy a hit! We spent a few days meeting everyone we could and Samuel turned on the charm for all. When we got to Ohio, Samuel met Aunt Jessica and they got along right from the start. Jessica and Jason gave up being together on their anniversary so she could meet her first nephew. Thanks guys! We had a great time seeing Jessica for a while and got some cute pics.
Sammy was pretty tired after his trip and visiting so he took a much needed nap with Aunt Brittany before hanging out with the family.
Samuel met his Great Grandma and Great Grandpa while on our trip and they totally adored him. They oohed and awwed, cuddled, and played with their first great grandson. When it was time for us to leave, they wanted my mom and I to go while Sammy stayed with them. Unfortunately for Grandma and Grandpa, they weren’t able to keep him and they sadly said goodbye until our next visit.
One night we had lots of family over and took lots of pictures!
Here is a picture of Samuel Patrick with Kenneth Patrick, his great uncle:
It was a great week and we enjoyed the family time. Sammy was wonderful in the car and on our time away, but by the time we got back home I was ready to be done with traveling for a while!


We think baby clothes are hilarious. They often have random pictures and sayings on them that don’t really make sense.

Last night we decided our dogs needed a walk but it was kind of chilly outside. I got out Samuel’s warmest pj’s, a pooh hat, and a fleece jacket. I didn’t realize until we put the coat on, however, that the hood makes him look like he should be baking cookies with the Keebler elves.

Once we were all bundled up we headed out for a nice walk with the family. As we started on the last block towards home, tiny raindrops began falling and as we entered our yard, it started pouring. Charlie and I were pretty wet but Samuel’s many layers and elf-like hood kept him completely dry!

October is here, bringing fall, cool air, and Halloween costumes! Thanks to Gretchen’s uncle Ken and Jessica, we have a great pumpkin costume for Sammy. We tried it on the other night and got, of course, pictures of it. Sammy did pretty well in the outfit. Sometimes he doesn’t like to have a hat on but instead of crying in this hat he tried to eat the strap. (Check out the second picture where he’s trying to get it in his mouth.) He was great to let us laugh and photograph him. He started fussing and we took the costume off to find that the pumpkin is actually pretty hot inside! Poor kid, he was dying in there.

In my biased opinion, Samuel is going to be the most adorable pumpkin ever to be seen:

We tried to take a family picture on our own but didn’t quite get us all in the photo:

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