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We must have entered a particularly endearing phase in little Samuel’s life because as I look back over the last few weeks we have taken lots, and I mean lots, of pictures. He has become so expressive and happy and playful that you can’t help but laugh when you’re with him. It really is a blast being a parent and if the trend continues, I can’t wait for the next stage in his life!

One night as we were getting Sammy ready for bed, Charlie decided to see if he had a preference for any of his stuffed animals. Chomps the alligator clearly won out as Sammy squealed and stuffed as much of the gator in his mouth as possible.

Sumo Sammy

Napping with Mommy on Thanksgiving morning

It was kind of difficult to wake up from the nap

My two favorite guys

Our lives have gotten pretty busy this past week as we prepared for and celebrated Thanksgiving with Charlie’s family. On Monday and Tuesday, Sammy and I visited with Melissa and her parents; we had a great time just hanging out. We got back Tuesday night in time for dinner as a family and then some Krogering in preparation for Thursday’s feast at Charlie’s mom’s house. Wednesday was cooking, Thursday was eating, visiting, and more eating, and Friday through Sunday was filled with fun times with family and friends along with some house cleaning to get ready for Christmas decorations. I can feel a busy and exciting month descending upon us…

I have a ton of pictures that I’ll slowly be getting up but for now here’s a picture of Sammy charming Melissa and our latest family pic. Happy Holidays, y’all!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Picture 2-1

Click here for a special Thanksgiving greeting (1.57MB)

Okay, so I didn’t get to scan and post those pictures of me like I planned and now Sammy and I are getting ready to head out to Tennessee so the pictures will have to wait till later. We are going to visit Melissa, my friend from college! She lives in Florida but is at her parents’ for Thanksgiving so we’re able to go visit! I’m so excited.

Here are Sammy’s 3 month pictures, a few days after he turned 3 months but close enough. They’re cute as heck so it’s tough choosing only a few to post. I’m sure you’ll see more later. He just keeps getting more and more photogenic and we keep taking more pictures (the curse of the digital camera) so I don’t know how we’ll keep up!

We see this face all the time now
Sammy’s latest past time
Really feelin’ it now
He is such a morning person…once he wakes up
In fact, he gets so excited that he spits up his breakfast sometimes

I was scrolling through some new pictures when I came upon this crazy view of my son’s big mouth as he was yelling and talking to me the other morning. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, as they say. Tomorrow I’ll have to put up some of my childhood pictures that bear a strong resemblance to this one. We just have things to say and are passionate about them.

If you’re interested in using this delightful image for your desktop wallpaper, here it is in high resolution.

Sammy has started wiggling like an expert this past week when he’s on the changing table, on our bed, and even in his crib. Thursday evening we put Sammy to bed in his crib like this:
When I went in to get him up in the morning he had somehow, despite the swaddle, wiggled his way over to this position:
Sammy was very happy to be getting up and, I think, proud of his new skill.

I couldn’t resist posting a few more pictures from the beagle/baby meeting last weekend. They’re just too cute and also pretty hilarious. (We apologize in advance for offending our germ-conscious friends or family.)

Sammy and I are stuck in the house today because my car’s on the blink, which wouldn’t be bad if we hadn’t been at home most of last week when Sammy had a cold. I’ve been trying to entertain myself with Christmas planning and housework while Sammy napped and then playing with him when he’s awake. We were in the middle of a little conversation when it dawned on me how much he is developing.

Sammy’s a pro at holding his head up and he watches us all the time now. He’s a very happy baby whose smile and giggles would melt your heart. Charlie and I both have our favorite games or tricks with Sammy. Charlie loves to play with Sammy and help him stand, which always elicits a huge smile from our little guy. Over the weekend, I discovered Sammy’s neck is strong enough for him to fly and I can’t get enough of it! He’s so cute as he looks around in wonder and flies from one parent to the other. We love it all!

Sammy hasn’t had much time yet to get acquainted with Ben and Weez, so we decided he’s old enough to let them really get to know each other. Saturday afternoon we put Sammy on his play mat, brought in the dogs, and Charlie excitedly got down on the floor to mediate the play date. At first the dogs were more interested in getting pets and love from Charlie while Sammy was left on his own next to them. We didn’t want Sammy to feel left out, so Charlie picked him up and that’s when the fun really began!

Weez, who always loves a beautiful day, soon headed out to bask in the sun but Ben, our very social beagle, started sniffing out his new friend. Like most babies, our son spits up quite a bit and his shirt always seems to be damp with slobber or old milk. Ben soon realized the stuff not only smells inviting but is also quite yummy! I’m not sure Sammy really enjoyed the new attention but he put up with it all remarkably well. It won’t be long until he’s a die hard dog lover, I’m sure of it.



Sammy wants to be just like his daddy.

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