Last year we began the tradition of taking a fall colors day trip. Ben got to go on the first annual trip with us but this year we took Samuel and left the dogs at home.
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We packed ourselves into the minivan, double checked to be sure we had all our baby supplies, and headed out on our adventure! We drove about an hour through some beautiful Virginia countryside to go hiking at Roaring Run in the Jefferson National Forest. We put Sammy into the Snuggli and our hike began!
It had rained the day before, so I was a little worried that the leaves would all be on the ground already, but I was wrong. The scenery was gorgeous and the river was high from all the rain.
The trail crossed back and forth over the river on old wooden plank bridges that had gaps between the boards. I don’t think I had ever been on a bridge that allows you to see the water below and I thought it was pretty cool but a little scary. (just a little)
Now, our trip is about seeing the colors of fall so we did a little hiking and a lot of taking in the view or snapping photos. In fact, we even found a good natured squirrel to take a family picture for us.
We had a great time on our fall hike but Sammy slept through the whole event (big surprise). He woke up when we took him out of the Snuggli to start our trip back home and he wasn’t very happy about missing the fun day.