Sammy and I are stuck in the house today because my car’s on the blink, which wouldn’t be bad if we hadn’t been at home most of last week when Sammy had a cold. I’ve been trying to entertain myself with Christmas planning and housework while Sammy napped and then playing with him when he’s awake. We were in the middle of a little conversation when it dawned on me how much he is developing.

Sammy’s a pro at holding his head up and he watches us all the time now. He’s a very happy baby whose smile and giggles would melt your heart. Charlie and I both have our favorite games or tricks with Sammy. Charlie loves to play with Sammy and help him stand, which always elicits a huge smile from our little guy. Over the weekend, I discovered Sammy’s neck is strong enough for him to fly and I can’t get enough of it! He’s so cute as he looks around in wonder and flies from one parent to the other. We love it all!