Okay, so I didn’t get to scan and post those pictures of me like I planned and now Sammy and I are getting ready to head out to Tennessee so the pictures will have to wait till later. We are going to visit Melissa, my friend from college! She lives in Florida but is at her parents’ for Thanksgiving so we’re able to go visit! I’m so excited.

Here are Sammy’s 3 month pictures, a few days after he turned 3 months but close enough. They’re cute as heck so it’s tough choosing only a few to post. I’m sure you’ll see more later. He just keeps getting more and more photogenic and we keep taking more pictures (the curse of the digital camera) so I don’t know how we’ll keep up!

We see this face all the time now
Sammy’s latest past time
Really feelin’ it now
He is such a morning person…once he wakes up
In fact, he gets so excited that he spits up his breakfast sometimes