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Sammy loves looking in mirrors so a few nights ago I sat him on our mantle and photographed Mirror Sammy. He was so cute sucking on his two fingers and drooling all over his naked belly. Enjoy!

Sammy is finally getting over his respiratory infection and feeling better, so we thought it was time to begin the journey toward real food! This begins with rice cereal mixed to a consistency that I would call liquid and fed to Sammy on a rubber spoon. It went pretty well and from what I’ve heard, I’d say he kept a good amount of the food in his mouth. I think that was due to the fact that he liked to chew on the spoon once it was in his mouth and the cereal just accidentally slid down his throat at the same time. We think he liked it and look forward to the exciting future of new foods and colored stains on his clothes.

I hate being messy, can someone please clean me up?
Don’t worry, Sammy, I’ll save you!
Thanks guys, that was fun and yummy!

Sammy and Charlie have, I think, an unusual enjoyment of one another. Charlie knew he would love Sammy but I’m not sure he expected to like him so much. It’s very fun to watch them play and laugh together or see Sammy’s face light up every night when Charlie gets home.

Random story to brag on my hubby: Charlie’s dad was in town two weeks ago for his Christmas visit with us. We went to dinner one night and Sammy started the evening out trying to sleep in his carrier. There was, of course, too many fun things to watch for our little guy to shut his eyes, so Charlie rescued him from confinement. After several minutes, an older woman came over to our table to tell Charlie that he was the best dad she’s ever seen. She said she loved watching them play together from over at her table and wanted to let us know what an exceptional dad we have in the family. Who knows the fun adventures the two of them will have when Sammy can do things like talk and get around on his own!

Some pictures of them playing together recently (notice how BIG Sammy’s getting!)

My sister Heidi spent the night Thursday as she made her way from South Carolina to Ohio for Christmas with our family. We were very excited for her to come as it would be the first time we saw her since she got engaged! (Congratulations, Heidi and David!!!) Heidi, Melynda (who was over visiting) and I did the girl thing talking about wedding plans, her ring, and the like. After an hour or so of hanging out, Melynda and her husband Corey headed home and we sat around chatting.

Suddenly, Heidi brought out a surprise…Sammy got to open his Christmas present from her! Sammy had never opened a gift before (Charlie and I have always done it for him) but this time he and Aunt Heidi went at it alone. It was an experience that he loved and we wanted to share some of it with you:
This paper looks really yummy, try it, Aunt Heidi!
Oh yeah, you’re right, Sammy!

Sammy has been a little under the weather for the last week or so. Last Monday he started to develop a cough and runny nose that got progressively worse throughout the week. Gretchen took him to the doctor on Friday and they said he just had a bad cold. He had a little bit of a fever but they just instructed us to keep using our snot-sucking-bulb and wait it out. Over the weekend he started losing his appetite and his fever got worse, but by Sunday morning it appeared that the fever had broken and he was finally feeling better.

That is, until he woke up at 3:00 Monday morning choking and gagging. He was sleeping in our room so we could keep an eye on him and we both got up to try to help him calm down. For about 20 minutes he was coughing and sputtering and trying unsuccessfully to catch his breath. He didn’t turn blue, but it was pretty clear that this situation wasn’t going to resolve itself so we called our doctor’s office. The 24 hour response line had a pediatrician call us, and when I explained what was happening she instructed us to go to the emergency room.

Upon arriving at the ER we were checked in and examined fairly quickly. Sammy was x-rayed to see if he had pneumonia and swabbed for RSV. Both tests came back negative and the doctor came in to explain the situation to us. “He was choking on snot”, he said. “He’s got too much snot.”

While it sounds comical to immature people like me, evidently such a prognosis is actually something to be taken very seriously. So seriously in fact that a respiratory specialist was called in to perform an advanced procedure called “sucking the snot out”.

A man in blue scrubs came in and started assembling a series of tubes and bottles. He then plugged this apparatus into the wall and fiddled around with a little dial for a few minutes. He turned towards us with what looked like tiny shop-vac in his hand and announced, “He’s not going to like this”.

He instructed us to hold Sammy’s head very still and proceeded to squirt something into his nose and then shove the attachment on the end of the mini-shop-vac into his nostril. We could see an absolutely incredible amount of phlegm being sucked through the clear hose and into a large phlegm-canister. “Wow”, said the respiratory specialist.

He did each nostril twice and each time I was amazed by the volume of snot that was removed. I only wish the phlegm canister had measurement markings on the side so I could give you an accurate figure.

Afterwards Sammy had a bottle and went to right to sleep. The specialist said “You’re welcome”, and that was that. Modern medicine is truly amazing.

Here are a couple of pictures of Midnight, my foster cousin who is (hopefully) soon to be my cousin! She’s adorable and we love that she’s just a year older than Sammy.
100 5380
100 7643

I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog lately because Charlie was sick last week, my parents came over the weekend and Sammy’s been sick since Monday. What a few weeks! Sammy has a terrible cold, is miserable and is kind of making Mom and Dad miserable, too. He looks so sad and didn’t sleep well at all last night. He’s such a trooper, though, and has a great attitude for feeling as badly as he does. We know he’ll be better soon and back to his old self.

Here are a few pictures of when Sammy was feeling great and lovin’ life:

Sammy is going to be four months old tomorrow! I can’t believe we’re almost to half a year. It seems like just yesterday when he entered our lives but at the same time it feels as if he’s always been with us. We have really loved being parents and having the privilege of watching this little boy turn from a lump of mush into a baby who makes eye contact, responds to stimulation, and loves to smile at people. It’s crazy to think that soon he will be able to pop that paci back into his mouth on his own or crawl or even talk! Babies develop so quickly that we feel like if we get busy for a few days, Sammy has learned something new and we didn’t even notice. It’s difficult to remember to slow down and really take in our child while also balancing life and other responsibilities. The struggle is well worth it, though, when we’ve got this cutie around:

Yesterday Charlie, Sammy and I went out to Lowes to get a beautiful Christmas tree and then we decorated it this afternoon! It was very fun singing Christmas music, getting out all of our ornaments and remembering the story that accompanied it. I love how nice it feels when the house is decked out for the season and everything seems so festive.

Sammy and I found our Santa hat and came downstairs to say “Merry Christmas” to Daddy. What a doll!


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