My sister Heidi spent the night Thursday as she made her way from South Carolina to Ohio for Christmas with our family. We were very excited for her to come as it would be the first time we saw her since she got engaged! (Congratulations, Heidi and David!!!) Heidi, Melynda (who was over visiting) and I did the girl thing talking about wedding plans, her ring, and the like. After an hour or so of hanging out, Melynda and her husband Corey headed home and we sat around chatting.

Suddenly, Heidi brought out a surprise…Sammy got to open his Christmas present from her! Sammy had never opened a gift before (Charlie and I have always done it for him) but this time he and Aunt Heidi went at it alone. It was an experience that he loved and we wanted to share some of it with you:
This paper looks really yummy, try it, Aunt Heidi!
Oh yeah, you’re right, Sammy!