Sammy and Charlie have, I think, an unusual enjoyment of one another. Charlie knew he would love Sammy but I’m not sure he expected to like him so much. It’s very fun to watch them play and laugh together or see Sammy’s face light up every night when Charlie gets home.

Random story to brag on my hubby: Charlie’s dad was in town two weeks ago for his Christmas visit with us. We went to dinner one night and Sammy started the evening out trying to sleep in his carrier. There was, of course, too many fun things to watch for our little guy to shut his eyes, so Charlie rescued him from confinement. After several minutes, an older woman came over to our table to tell Charlie that he was the best dad she’s ever seen. She said she loved watching them play together from over at her table and wanted to let us know what an exceptional dad we have in the family. Who knows the fun adventures the two of them will have when Sammy can do things like talk and get around on his own!

Some pictures of them playing together recently (notice how BIG Sammy’s getting!)