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Just a quick video of Sammy before bedtime

You may have noticed this countdown in the sidebar to the right:

Picture 1

Can anybody guess what happens in 228 sleeps?

The title says it all really

We have the most adorable baby who is even cuter when he’s just waking up, and this afternoon we just happened to have a camera on hand to snap some pics!



Here are two more hats Sammy’s worn in the past week. The first is an adorable party favor from his friend Caleb’s birthday and the other pictures are from a nice walk we had one evening this week.


Congratulations on having successfully made it though the new password system! Now that you’re in, please enjoy our even newer picture section.

Charlie’s cousin Carol sent us some summer outfits yesterday (thanks a bunch, we love them!) so we put one of the rompers on Sammy and I was inspired to get out our summer clothes. Sammy tried on all the hats, to make sure they fit his big head, and had a great time playing with them.

While I’m posting pictures, here’s one of me and Sammy casting spells on each other:

100 1534

Gretchen usually posts the pictures but I couldn’t pass this one up:


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