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I’m sorry we’ve been so quiet on the blog, we’ve had a bug running through our house. Between Charlie and I, one of us has been sick for the past week and a half! We’ve made it through and thankfully Sammy escaped with nothing more than a runny nose.

Sammy and I went to my parents’ in Ohio last weekend for my sister Heidi’s wedding shower (only four more weeks till the big day!) and we have a bunch of good pictures to share soon. Until then, here are a couple of cute ones that I planned on posting last week.

Sammy has an octopus that we discovered can become a backpack

His favorite face these days

This is a face I made quite often as a child

Gretchen went out with some friends last week and Sammy and I spent the evening together. I was instructed to put him to bed at 8, but as you can see in this video from a little after 10, we had other plans.

Forewarning, this entry is very “mom” of me

I usually buy Pampers diapers at Kroger but last time I got them at Wal-Mart, and was amazed that they were $8.00 cheaper! I felt like the box should contain more than 104 diapers, but that’s what it said so I thought I must be mistaken. Well, yesterday I was at Kroger to buy diapers and realized they DO come in a box of 144 there! (And when they’re on sale, they are only $5.00 more than Wal-Mart.) Tricky Wal-Mart has a slightly smaller box so that you don’t realize it may be less expensive but has fewer diapers.

By now I’m sure everyone is aware of the shooting that took place this morning at Virginia Tech. It’s on every TV station here, every radio station and the cover of every news website I’ve visited.

Virginia Tech is about 45 minutes from our home in Roanoke and our community has a lot of ties with the school. On the way back from work today I saw at least a dozen VA Tech bumber stickers, including one “VA Tech Dad” sticker. Thanks to all of you who have been calling, but neither Gretchen nor I know anyone who is currently a student or faculty at VT personally. If you’re inclined to pray, pray for the families of those who were killed, and those who still don’t know if their loved ones are alive.

Here’s a link to the live VA Tech webcam:

I love that Sammy is transparent–in fact, he doesn’t hold anything back. His face says it all in these two pictures and I’m sure you can guess what he’s doing.

Sammy is hovering on the edge of mobility.

Instead of just getting out a few toys for Sammy to play with, I gave him the whole toy basket a few days ago. He loved digging through the basket and getting into whatever he wanted! It was a great way to keep him entertained and now it’s his new favorite thing.


Tomorrow is Good Friday, the day that Jesus was crucified. Tonight, the night before, He and His disciples had a final meeting to talk and eat and pray together. When they ate Jesus told them that just like this bread and wine, His body would be broken and His blood would be poured out so that they could live. Afterwards, Jesus knelt down on the ground and washed their feet.

It’s a familiar story to us now, having been told countless times over the last two thousand years, but at the moment when His knees touched the floor it was one of the most astonishing and unexpected acts in the history of mankind. Jesus was, and is, God. All things were created through Him and He is the rightful owner everything, the Lord of all creation. He is the only man who ever walked the earth who could rightfully command another human being to bow down and worship Him. And yet, here He is, bowing before these dirty, ignorant men and washing their feet. He should have been demanding their praise and condemning them for their sin, but instead he gets down on the ground and washed the feet of Judas, and Peter, and the rest of the men who would betray and abandon Him in just a few hours. What a wonderfully inappropriate act of humility.

Tonight, and throughout this entire weekend, let’s follow his example by humbling ourselves and bowing before Him. One day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that He is Lord. Let’s get a head start and worship Him now.

Sammy goes to the park. This video is about 10 minutes long so make some popcorn.

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