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We went down to Kentucky to visit my Dad last weekend. It’s about a 4 hour drive so we helped the time pass by making up anagrams for the names of people we know. Here are some of the results:

Samuel Evans = Navels Amuse
Peter Evans = Never a Pest
James Richied = Mice Hide Jars
Allyn Richied = Hi Nerdy Lilac
Jim Evans = Jive Mans
Lisa Evans = Snail Vase
Brittany Richied = Birthday Rice Tin
Heidi Graden = Hi I Gardened (Also Heidi Danger!)
Jessica Shinn = Chess is Ninja
Gretchen Evans = Vegan Trenches
Charles Evans = Clean Shavers

And here are some other good ones:

Debit card = Bad credit
Slot machines = Cash lost in ’em
School master = The classroom
Eleven plus two = Twelve plus one
Dormitory = Dirty room
Punishment = Nine Thumps
Desperation A rope ends it
The Morse code = Here come dots
Snooze alarms = Alas! No more Zs
A decimal point = I’m a dot in place
Astronomer = Moon starer
The eyes = They see
Mother-in-law = Woman Hitler
Conversation = Voices rant on
Election results = Lies, let’s recount
The Hurricanes = These churn air
Military weapon = Employ it in a war
Shapely girl = Largely hips
Late Shift = That’s life

I know, three posts in one day is extreme, but I just went upstairs to check on Sammy (he’s napping) and this is what I saw:
I really debated over taking a picture because it’s been torturous trying to fall asleep lately, but I couldn’t pass up this adorable moment. (He stayed asleep and I laid him down afterwards.)

I’m sad to say that we have decided that, with having Sammy and another on the way, it is time to find a new home for Ben, our beagle. Charlie and I got Ben when he was a puppy and haven’t had any problems with him. He is two years old now, is housebroken, isn’t allowed on furniture, and loves people and other dogs. He’s a wonderful dog and very good with Sammy. He’s never done anything aggressive to anyone and he knows to stay “down” (not jump up), but he needs a little help remembering when he’s excited. He does have epilepsy, as you may remember from previous posts, but he doesn’t need medication for it and is up to date on his shots.
If you or anyone you know would like to love our sweet beagle, let us know.



This morning, Sammy tried on his ring bearer outfit for Heidi’s wedding.

The incredible, edible egg!
(In case you can’t tell, there is egg from his forehead down to his fingers!)

I know I’ve been pretty negligent the past few weeks and I’m sorry. Sammy’s become really active and doesn’t like napping or sleeping in anymore, so we’re worn out around here! Whenever I have a free moment, I either catch up on one of the hundred things I’m behind on or lay down. I do have some pictures and videos of him so I’ll hopefully be posting them throughout the week.

In Sammy news, he went in for his nine month check up this week and was given rave reviews! He’s 18 pounds 5 ounces now (20%), 28 1/2 inches long (50%) and his head is 18 1/4 inches around (70%). So that makes him skinny, average height, and big-headed…we’re so proud!

Here are a couple of pictures from last weekend. Sammy would not fall asleep for his afternoon nap so he finally got so tired that he just laid down on Charlie’s lap and was instantly gone. I guess we’re just too fun around here. ha ha



Last weekend we went over to my Uncle’s house for dinner.

Nana and Sammy
100 1599

Uncle Peter and Sammy
100 1618

Sammy and his cousins Mary and Nancy
100 1611

Sammy and I had a great time with my family last weekend. I don’t have pictures of everyone (sorry) but here’s what we have.

Sammy met his uncle Jason and, as you can see, was showered with tenderness and love
A little fun in the tub with Papaw


Some more torture, this time at the hands of Aunt Heidi
Posing with Mamaw and Papaw

Glenna, a college roommate, and me with all our kids

Sammy went to hang out with the Braatens for a little while this evening while Gretchen and I went on a date. Sammy’s buddy Seth decided he would step up in our absence and feed him some cheerios.


Thanks for babysitting for us Shauna!

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