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Sammy went over to Seth’s house again last night while Charlie and I went on a date (yea!). Shauna always has exciting things for Sammy to do, and last night he got to test drive his first car! Seth was very nice to share with Sammy and it looks like the two had a blast playing outside. Click on the picture to see the rest of the set.
(By the way, we had a great time on our date, also.)

This afternoon at 2:30 medical science discovered the gender of our unborn child. Using an advanced technological method called “looking for a penis” a highly trained sonogram technician discerned that our baby is, in fact, a boy. I’ll be uploading photos later.

Sammy and Ben have a lot in common. They both sleep a lot, sometimes smell bad and like to roll around in the dirt. They also both love crackers.

We’ve started using for storing our photos online. It’s free and easy to use and makes it easy to include our photos here in our blog. You can see our photos by clicking on the “Pictures” link in the sidebar, the animated photo badge below it, or by navigating to There are some new photos up now, go take a look!

10-solorio.jpgGretchen and I love summer reality TV. It’s cheesier and more bizarre than TV during the regular season, and it’s concentrated into just a few months. Our favorite summer show by far is So You Think You Can Dance. It’s pretty much American Idol with dancing instead of singing. For some reason this show really captures out hearts with it’s eager but overly dramatic contestants and comically enthusiastic judges. Last year we had a tough time deciding who to root for, but by the end I was giddy with anticipation when America was deciding which mormon teenager would receive the So You Think You Can Dance crown.

This season has been great so far, and picking our favorite to win no problem when we realized that Jesus was a contestant. I mean, I know he can dance. So if you’re as big a fan as we are, vote for Jesus!

Rather than go to the public pool and swim in other people’s pee we decided to spend $12 and swim in our own pee. Here’s Sammy’s first time in the baby pool.

Sammy was great on our trip down to South Carolina for Heidi’s wedding a week ago but he did get lonely after a while. Charlie and I took turns sitting in the back and entertaining him. At one point, he had the turtle hanging out of his mouth while he played with another toy. I missed that, though.

There are some pictures of me when I was little making this same face (but my mouth was always open pretty wide).

The new Mr. and Mrs. Graden on their way to the reception
100 0889-1
Isn’t she lovely?
100 0902
Sammy and Amy (Midnight) taking a ride in the wedding wagon and playing before the ceremony
100 0819Dsc02513
Sammy delivered his first sermon while waiting for the wedding to begin
100 0827
Heidi and David with the ring bearers
Looking good with Grandma and Grandpa
Sammy couldn’t take all the partying and fell fast asleep
100 1004

Charlie is, I think, pretty hilarious as a father and reminds me of my dad in many ways. He’s always doing funny things with, or to, Sammy and this past week we got pictures of a few of these unusual moments. On Thursday evening, Charlie was supposed to be feeding Sammy his dinner but they got sidetracked by their creativity.
We left Friday morning to head to South Carolina for Heidi’s wedding (lots of pictures soon) and had a great time. Sammy was in the wedding so he was pretty busy all weekend and didn’t get many naps. I think he reached his limit Sunday and was a little fussy in the car. Charlie and I took turns riding in the back with him and trying to keep Sammy entertained. At one point, Charlie became a jeanie to grant Sammy’s wishes and, of course, make Sammy laugh.
What a crazy Daddy we have!

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