Charlie is, I think, pretty hilarious as a father and reminds me of my dad in many ways. He’s always doing funny things with, or to, Sammy and this past week we got pictures of a few of these unusual moments. On Thursday evening, Charlie was supposed to be feeding Sammy his dinner but they got sidetracked by their creativity.
We left Friday morning to head to South Carolina for Heidi’s wedding (lots of pictures soon) and had a great time. Sammy was in the wedding so he was pretty busy all weekend and didn’t get many naps. I think he reached his limit Sunday and was a little fussy in the car. Charlie and I took turns riding in the back with him and trying to keep Sammy entertained. At one point, Charlie became a jeanie to grant Sammy’s wishes and, of course, make Sammy laugh.
What a crazy Daddy we have!