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When we started this site in December of 2005 it’s purpose was to be a platform for me to communicate about my internship at Grace Church. Since then it sort of petered out and then was reborn as a place for us to post stories and pictures about our growing family (plus my nonsensical ramblings about politics and poverty). This new format has become pretty popular and we’ve had quite a few visitors over the last year. Here are some statistics about the last 12 months of traffic at

8,197 total visits
1,139 absolutely unique visitors
Visitors from 38 countries (all but 80 from inside the US)
3 minutes and 34 seconds average time spent per visit

61% of traffic was direct (visitors typed “” directly into the address bar)
33% from referring sites (visitors clicked links to us on other sites)
Of those links, 13% came from our friends the Lesters, and another 10% came from the Sinks, the Kuhns and the Braatens.
6% of traffic came from search engines like Google and Yahoo.
50% of those searches were for “theevanses” or “”, the rest where for Gretchen Evans or Charlie Evans and there was a smattering of weird searches like “incontinent beagle” and “wedding wagon photos”.

Since we started using for our videos in April we’ve had a total of 698 people watch our videos, the most popular being “Up late” & “Sammy’s pool” with over 100 views each.

Now, right off the bat I can only think of about a dozen people who read this site regularly, and while I know my mom is a big fan of all the pictures, I don’t think she was responsible for all 8,000 hits we got last year. In fact, there were over two hundred unique visitors who stopped at our site in July alone.

If you’re one of those folks who has been silently reading this site think about taking a second to leave a comment. We would love to know who you are.

Aunt Heidi and Uncle David came to visit for the weekend and we had a great time with them. We got to hang out, they played with Sammy and wore him out, and then Charlie’s mom babysat Sammy Saturday night while we went out (David and Charlie to a movie while Heidi and I went to a baby shower).
They also brought Sammy his birthday present, and it was an awesome outdoor swing! He loved it, and likes to crawl over throughout the day and swing for a few minutes (it’s still in our hallway).
Here are two pictures, and you can click on them to see more:

This is so fun!

more swinging

In preparation for our beach vacation next week, we bought some hats to protect Charlie’s and Sammy’s heads from the sun. Charlie is a fan of his new “dad hat” but I think Sammy might like it even more. He got it off the table this morning and had a great time playing with it, being like Daddy. Hope you enjoy these pics, and you can click on them to see more.

Daddy's hat 01

Daddy's hat 03

Speaking of potential presidents, here’s one reason why I don’t want John Edwards to be my president:

Sammy is absolutely in love with cars. He loves watching them and playing with them and especially riding in them.

Also, we’ve added links to some recent movies in the sidebar, and if you use iTunes you can subscribe to our movies by clicking here.

Sammy had his first chocolate today. His first birthday is in a few weeks so we figured it would be ok.




What’s that? No more pancakes!?!


I’m not done yet!

This video clinched it for me, I want Mike Gravel to be my president.

I have more to post later, but here’s a picture of Sammy playing early in the morning this week. I thought he looks like such a big boy in the pic! Too bad he’s also pretty sad looking.

I know that pictures of Sammy are what people really want to see so here’s one we haven’t posted in a blog entry yet. It’s from a few weeks ago, but we don’t have any from this past week. We put Charlie’s tee shirt on Sammy and he was hilarious in it! If you haven’t seen this set, click on the pic to view the rest of them.

When we moved into our house two years ago, our friends Will and Elisabeth gave us this Lily as a housewarming gift. This flower is the only one still around two years later (no green thumb here) and is beautiful. Thanks, Will and Elisabeth, we still enjoy it!

The neat vase that it’s in was a gift from Heidi and David. Isn’t it cool?! Thanks y’all! (They live in South Carolina so you have to say y’all.)

Click on the picture for a few more pics of this amazing flower.

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