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You might remember this video of Sammy about to crawl. Here’s the latest video of him practicing for his first steps!

Sorry about the image quality, we need to get better lighting in our house or a better camera

I’ve been pretty silent on the blog for the past few weeks, so I thought it’s time to get active again. I get intimidated by new things, so when Charlie started using the new photo gallery I put off learning how to post pictures…and what’s a post without pictures??

Here’s a little of what’s been going on here lately:

I’m 29 weeks pregnant now and November 10 is quickly approaching (77 more days)! No name picked out yet, I have a feeling we’re going to have to see him before we feel ready to be locked into something. The baby moves around all the time and is currently breech–hopefully he’ll change positions in the next few weeks. We are pretty busy with life and Sammy, so we don’t have the time to obsess about this pregnancy like we have in the past, but we’re really excited for our new little boy to arrive. (And a little nervous about becoming parents of two little ones!)

Sammy’s enjoying life as a one year old and working hard on learning to walk before he becomes a big brother. A few months ago, I got a walker that he liked to play with, but didn’t really walk behind. We were losing hope that he might be walking in the next three months, but to our amazement he just started cruising around with it a week or two ago! He loves to practice walking now and will go in circles around our downstairs for as long as we’ll guide him (he has no steering skills).

I have recently been sucked into the world of scrapbooking! I’ve been wanting to put a book together of Sammy’s first year, but never got around to beginning it. I actually got a scrapbook before Sammy was born and have several pages that were done by some great friends (thanks, Lori, for organizing that!) but didn’t print any pictures until last week. It was so nice not having to do the actual pages and just finding the right pictures, and that helped me get some ideas for future pages. If anyone has good scrapbooking ideas, let me know!

And now for the pictures! A glimpse of what life is like when Charlie’s your dad (those are graham crackers on his head):
Graham cracker to the head 01

Graham cracker to the head 03

Our doctor got a new 4D ultrasound machine a few months ago, take a look at our new baby in 4 glorious dimensions (however that works, I thought there were only 3 dimensions…):


Gretchen thinks it’s “cute”, but I think it looks more like a tiny Grim Reaper reaching out to steal my soul. Im curious to hear what some other people think: Adorable baby saying “hello”, or screaming poultergeist haunting my wife’s womb?

And for my fellow sonogram purists, here’s another image of the latest unborn Evans:


Many of you know that Gretchen and I have been in the process of getting our roof replaced for quite some time. Our home is in a historic district and is subject to certain architectural “guidelines”. It’s a long story, but after almost two years of interacting with the Architectural Review Board in our area we’ve finally gotten permission to replace our leaking roof.

During that time another couple in our neighborhood was denied permission to replace their roof. The roof was under contruction when they were forced to stop work and as it stood our neighbors could not put the old roof back or put up a new one. The ARB’s decision made their home unlivable and unsellable, and threatening to destroy the fourteen years of equity they had been building. I was at the city council meeting when their appealed was turned down, and I can tell you it was both sad and infuriating to see our city government unapologetically place the appearance of a building over the quality of a man’s life and that of his family. I was left wondering what I would do if our request ended the same way. We couldn’t possibly absorb that kind of loss, was our city going to force us into financial ruin over the material of our roof?

Well, they didn’t, and we’re waiting for work to start on our new roof in the next few weeks. There may be a happy ending to our neighbor’s story too. This article ran in today’s paper:

Old Southwest couple wins right to replace roof

An Old Southwest couple whose requests to finish replacing their roof were denied by Roanoke's Architectural Review Board and city council found victory this morning in Roanoke Circuit Court.

Judge William Broadhurst ruled that the board's denial of a certificate of approriateness to Aubrey and Linda Hicks to replace their tin roof with asphalt shingles was arbitrary and capricious. The board and the council denied the certificate to punish the Hickses for not following proper procedure rather than on the need for the replacement, the judge said. "There's simply no other reason for that to have been done."

Aubrey Hicks gained notoriety in October when he was threatened with arrest for having contractors continue working on his roof after stop-work orders had been issued. A judge ordered Hicks to seek permission for the work, which the review board denied. City council upheld the board's decision on appeal.

Broadhurst ordered the city to issue a certificate of appropriateness for the roof change. Assistant city attorney Steve Talevi said this morning that he did not know if the city would appeal the decision.

Thank you Judge Broadhurst for being reasonable.

This is Roanoke is a new news site that aggregates news and information specific to the Roanoke area. It’s not quite as slick at, the official website of the Roanoke Times, but it’s more straight forward and has less advertisements (and none of those terrible animated ads!). It also includes feeds from local bloggers, including for some inexplicable reason. So, if you’re interested in a fresh source for Roanoke news and you want to keep up with us at the same time, take a look.

Sammys Birthday

Some pictures from Sammy’s birthday party yesterday are up. Click on the picture above to see the album.

We had Sammy’s first birthday party today. Thanks to all the friends and family who came over to celebrate with us. Here’s a video of him trying to eat his first birthday cake:

Last Wednesday when the temperature was boiling at 104 degrees Gretchen and I drove into Virginia Beach to have dinner. Afterwards we went over to the boardwalk on the main drag and walked along the beach together. It was really crowded and there were all kinds of people everywhere. Kids where running around digging holes and yelling at each other. People were swimming and surfing and getting knocked down by waves. You couldn’t get more than ten feet away from somebody and everywhere you looked something interesting was happening.

As we were walking through the crowd an exasperated looking woman in her 40’s ran up to us. “I need your help”, she said, and she pointed about 50 yards down the beach to a little boy in a blue life jacket running away from us. “My son is running away and I can’t catch up to him. Can you help me?” Now, it’s over 100 hundred degrees right now and I’m fat. There are literally hundreds of athletic people all around us, including several life guards and joggers, but this woman stopped me to ask for help. So, I handed Gretchen my shoes and took off down the beach. The little boy was running a little faster than I expected and I had to pick up the pace to catch up to him. I was running flat out and sweat was pouring off of me. As I was getting closer to him I realized that he wasn’t a little boy after all, he was almost as tall as I was. I grabbed him by the life jacket and we both fell down. As he turned around and started kicking me in the chest I saw that he had downs syndrome. I had my arms around him and we were both covered in sand and sweat and he was screaming at the top of his lungs. Having no idea what to do, I started patting him on the back and saying awkward things like “I’m not going to kidnap you” in an attempt to be soothing while his mother and Gretchen walked slowly down the beach towards us. Just as his mom was getting to us he started to calm down and we were just sitting there in the sand together panting.

After she thanked us and they walked off in the other direction we continued on our way down the beach as if nothing had happened.

Beach Photos

Pictures from our trip to the beach are online, click on the above picture to see them. Were trying out a new gallery format that I think is a little easier to use than the old one. Let me know if you have any trouble seeing them.

After spending a week at Virginia Beach we arrived home yesterday afternoon a lot sandier and more sunburnt than when we left. Sammy loved the sand and the ocean (despite the fact that he and I got clobbered by waves a few times) and it was a nice break in the routine for me and Gretchen. We walked on the boardwalk and made sandcastles and went to the aquarium and did all kinds of fun stuff. Even on Wednesday when it was 104 degrees we stayed cool in the water and enjoyed ourselves. Sammy had fun on his birthday too, but more about that later. Here are some videos from the trip, there are some pictures on the way.

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