Sammy has started doing this exciting new thing this week. When he has to do something he doesn’t particularly want to, he scrunches up his shoulders, screams and shakes his little fists back and forth. When he’s really pissed he turns red and smacks himself in the face. At first this was pretty hilarious, but then we started to realize that the “things he doesn’t want to do” includes, but is not limited to, getting in his carseat, getting his diaper changed, going to sleep, eating anything but cheese, going home from the park, not being allowed to press his face up against the tv, and not being allowed to put his fingers in an outlet.

So I’m wondering, what does a good parent do in a situation like this? Do we discipline him or just ignore it? We’re not opposed to spanking, and giving him a little swat on the bottom once or twice worked wonders when he was trying to roll over during diaper changes, but is he too young to understand what we’re spanking him for in this situation? If we just ignore it are these furious little episodes going to escalate into full blown temper tantrums?

Gentle reader, what would you do? Or, for those of you that have successfully raised your own children, what did you do?