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William Wallace was a hit today. Here are a few pictures, there are a whole bunch more in the gallery.

First, some of Sammy’s friends from the neighborhood came over while we were making his costume. There’s an interesting story there that will be an entire post unto itself later. Sammy’s cardboard house had to be sacrificed in order to make swords and horses.

When everything was finished our first stop was the Studtmann’s house. We visited them last Halloween too. Thanks for having us over again, Emma you were a great queen!

Next it was off to Nana’s house. Sammy helped her hand out candy and Trevor Bonham came over to show off his cow costume.

We made one more stop to visit some friends from work and then William Wallace crashed in his car seat. He was in his pajamas and in bed by 8:00!

By a landslide… William Wallace!

We’ve had some very photo-worthy happenings around the Evans household the past few days so I’m going to put up a few separate posts this morning. Don’t just read the newest post, but keep on scrolling down to catch all the fun pictures and stories! Thanks.
One week and six days until I’m induced and we have our baby!!!

Charlie’s been after me for a while now to tame Sammy’s unruly mane but I was resisting because I was afraid he might not be as cute (what was I thinking??) and I was intimidated by the thought of cutting our baby’s hair. Well, yesterday morning it would not stay down for anything so he looked like he had some bad bed head and I was ready to do something about the hair!

I solicited Charlie’s help and together we prepared for this monumentous occasion by putting on a video, sitting Sammy in his high chair, and giving him some vanilla wafers to snack on. Sammy, of course, knew something was up and turned his head every which way to try to figure out what the heck I was doing to him. Charlie did a great job of helping distract him while I cut with speed.

We sat him on Charlie’s lap (and continued feeding him cookies) while I attacked the frizzy back of his head. This was a bit more tricky, and scary (we didn’t want to cut off his ears, after all), but we made it and he’s got a big boy haircut that is only a little uneven. We couldn’t believe how different, and how much better, Sammy looks now!




Charlie got creative with the double stroller box on Sunday night after Sammy went to bed and made a house for him to play in! When Sammy got up Monday morning, we showed him his new toy and he played in it all day. He was very cute playing peek-a-boo in the windows, putting toys in and out of his flower box, and reading a book in his house. Here are some pictures.



As we prepare to be parents of two little ones, we decided a double stroller was a necessity so that I could get out during the day. You can’t find double strollers in any stores, so you have to order it online without getting to test the stroller out to see what it’s really like. This really freaked me out, so I have browsed the internet many times trying to figure out (guess) which stroller would be best for us. I finally picked one (Evenflo so it would hold our infant carrier in one seat, and it was on clearance) and it arrived at our house last Friday! Charlie assembled it for us while I was out running an errand Saturday afternoon and I was shocked at the monstrosity sitting in our living room when I came home!!! Sammy seems to like it a lot but I am not excited about driving this thing around in tight spots. At least they make double strollers or I’d be stuck at home all day. I’m sure I’ll get used to it and absolutely love the stroller in a few months.


*** Update: There is now a current vote tally in the sidebar to your right***
The leaves are changing, the grass is dying, and with Halloween just around the corner it’s time for our second Annual Halloween Costume Poll. Last year you decided that Sammy would be a Pea pod rather than a pumpkin:

This year you have an equally difficult decision to make. We’ve agonized over the available costume selection and decided on these three for your consideration:

First, William Wallace!

Pros – Sammy already has a mullet and he’s pretty pale.
Cons – Would a kilt look silly over a diaper?

Second, A Lion!

Pros – We already have a lion costume (thanks Shauna)
Cons – We already tried it on and Sammy hates it. I think the mane scares him.

Third, Steve Jobs!

Pros – Simple costume
Cons – Low recognizability factor

We had some problems with the automated poll last year so this time you can leave a vote in the comments and we’ll tally them by hand. Make your voice heard, vote for Sammy’s Halloween Costume 2007!

Well, Sammy’s mysterious illness has been all but confirmed as Roseola, or “Baby Measles”. Roseola “is a benign disease of children, generally under two years old, whose manifestations are usually limited to a transient rash that occurs following a fever of about three day’s duration.” We haven’t been back to the doctor, but that description sums up our experience perfectly. My Mom was the first to call it in the comments on our post over the weekend, and Glenna seconded it. Thank you both for sharing your Dr. Mom wisdom!

Here are some photos of Sammy in all his splotchy glory:

For those of you who are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Sammy’s little brother, you can get your labor/delivery fix early by visiting our friends The Bonhams. Cory is blogging live from the hospital where they’re having their first baby as we speak!
*** Update: The Bonham Baby has been born! Congratulations Melynda and Cory! ***

So, it looks like I spoke too soon once again. Sammy slept relatively well last night, but when he woke up this morning he was covered in little red spots. He doesn’t have a fever, and he doesn’t appear to be itchy or in pain, but he definitely has something weird going on. We didn’t go to church this morning because we didn’t want any other babies in the nursery to get whatever this is just in case it’s contagious, so we’ve been sitting around the house pretty much all day. If these spots aren’t gone by tomorrow or he’s developed any other odd symptoms we’ll take him to the doctor. The poor guy’s been sick for a week!

Here’s some video of him in a relatively good mood after his bath the other day:

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