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The leaves are changing, the grass is dying, and with Halloween just around the corner it’s time for our second Annual Halloween Costume Poll. Last year you decided that Sammy would be a Pea pod rather than a pumpkin:

This year you have an equally difficult decision to make. We’ve agonized over the available costume selection and decided on these three for your consideration:

First, William Wallace!

Pros – Sammy already has a mullet and he’s pretty pale.
Cons – Would a kilt look silly over a diaper?

Second, A Lion!

Pros – We already have a lion costume (thanks Shauna)
Cons – We already tried it on and Sammy hates it. I think the mane scares him.

Third, Steve Jobs!

Pros – Simple costume
Cons – Low recognizability factor

We had some problems with the automated poll last year so this time you can leave a vote in the comments and we’ll tally them by hand. Make your voice heard, vote for Sammy’s Halloween Costume 2007!