Charlie’s been after me for a while now to tame Sammy’s unruly mane but I was resisting because I was afraid he might not be as cute (what was I thinking??) and I was intimidated by the thought of cutting our baby’s hair. Well, yesterday morning it would not stay down for anything so he looked like he had some bad bed head and I was ready to do something about the hair!

I solicited Charlie’s help and together we prepared for this monumentous occasion by putting on a video, sitting Sammy in his high chair, and giving him some vanilla wafers to snack on. Sammy, of course, knew something was up and turned his head every which way to try to figure out what the heck I was doing to him. Charlie did a great job of helping distract him while I cut with speed.

We sat him on Charlie’s lap (and continued feeding him cookies) while I attacked the frizzy back of his head. This was a bit more tricky, and scary (we didn’t want to cut off his ears, after all), but we made it and he’s got a big boy haircut that is only a little uneven. We couldn’t believe how different, and how much better, Sammy looks now!