As we prepare to be parents of two little ones, we decided a double stroller was a necessity so that I could get out during the day. You can’t find double strollers in any stores, so you have to order it online without getting to test the stroller out to see what it’s really like. This really freaked me out, so I have browsed the internet many times trying to figure out (guess) which stroller would be best for us. I finally picked one (Evenflo so it would hold our infant carrier in one seat, and it was on clearance) and it arrived at our house last Friday! Charlie assembled it for us while I was out running an errand Saturday afternoon and I was shocked at the monstrosity sitting in our living room when I came home!!! Sammy seems to like it a lot but I am not excited about driving this thing around in tight spots. At least they make double strollers or I’d be stuck at home all day. I’m sure I’ll get used to it and absolutely love the stroller in a few months.