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We are alive. Having two kids is much more difficult than just one. Sammy is sick again. Gretchen is getting used to our new life on the edge, pray that she does not go insane. I have a new job with a hospice. It is rewarding but emotionally taxing. I have to go, im posting this from the bathroom and someone is beating on the door. I’ll try to post again later.

Life as a family of four has been great! We’re definitely more busy with two boys but we love it and are so thankful for Sammy and Eli. Here are a few of the family pictures we’ve taken so far.





I’m sorry about the blog silence over the past few days, it’s been a busy week. A lot has happened since coming home from the hospital on Tuesday:

– Sammy got the flu (complete with high fever and “adult vomit”)
– We had our roof torn off and completely replaced (lots of hammering)
– Sammy dropped Gretchen’s phone into a bowl of soup (it smells like cheese but still works)
– Our internet stopped working (it’s fixed, obviously)

But despite the hiccups, everything is good and Sam and Eli are great together. See below (and click here for bigger and better versions):


It’s 10:05 on Tuesday and we’re about to head home. Everything is packed up and we’re just waiting for final permission to go. Gretchen won’t be able to drive for a couple weeks, so if you’re interested in stopping by to say hello there’s a good chance she and the baby will be available (just call first).

And just a reminder: as was the case with Sammy, Elijah will be accepting iTunes gift cards and Nintendo Wii games in lieu of traditional baby gifts like stuffed animals and baby clothes.

Sammy came to visit the hospital this morning and got his first good look at his brother. Bigger and better photos in the gallery.


Here are a few pictures of Elijah today and some of Samuel when he was just a day old. They look much more similar than I thought.




Here’s some quick video of Eli in the first moments after he was born. Warning, if you are offended by tiny baby penises turn back now!

Check out the web gallery for larger, download-able versions of these photos.

Here he is just minutes after he took his first breath. I think he looks like a furious old asian woman, or an albino James Brown.

Gretchen has that “I know he looks like and alien I don’t care I’m on drugs” look.

Here he is a little later taking a nap and looking a little more normal. He definitely has the Evans chin.

And check out his hair!

We’ve decided to name him Elijah Paul Evans. Elijah after the prophet Elijah, and Paul after his maternal grandfather. More details on the names significance to come.

Born at 5:19am, 7lbs 12oz!

Gretchen started pushing at 5:08 and he shot out of there in no time. Our doctor just barely had time to get everything ready for him. He’s much more fiesty than Sammy was, and he has a lot of dark hair.

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